Management and motivation in Ugandan primary schools" survey, 2011.


This data is made available by the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford.

Permission for use of the data for academic research is given by the Centre.

We would ask that the use of the data, its sources, and the financing for the surveys be acknowledged.

This data was funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) as part of the Improving Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (iiG), a research consortium aimed at studying how to improve institutions in Africa and South-Asia. Any views expressed are not necessarily those of DFID. Thanks are due to the staff members of the Steadman group with whom we conducted our surveys.


This dataset was collected as the baseline survey for the project 'Management and motivation in Ugandan primary schools'.

This project investigates the impact of strengthening information flows on learning outcomes in rural, government primary schools in Uganda. The baseline survey includes data collected in 100 schools, in 4 districts. This field exercise included collection of a school-level survey instrument, standardized testing of pupils in P3 and P6, and individual questionnaires administered to a sample of head teachers, teachers, School Management Committee members, and parents.