Chris Adam

Professor of Development Economics (ODID)

Janine Aron

Senior Research Fellow, The Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School

Mattia Bertazzini

Postdoctoral Prize Fellow at the Department of Economics and Nuffield College

Paul Brimble

Research Assistant in Development Economics (BSG)

Stefan Dercon

Director (CSAE); Professor of Economic Policy (Economics/BSG)

Lizzie Dipple

Research and Policy Officer (Economics)

Cheryl Doss

Senior Departmental Lecturer in Development Economics (ODID)

Axel Eizmendi Larrinaga

Research Assistant in Development Economics (BSG)

Doug Gollin

Professor of Development Economics (ODID)

Marta Grabowska

Research Assistant in Development Economics (BSG)

Donna Harris

Postdoctoral Researcher (Economics)

Lukas Hensel

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Development Economics (BSG)

Sanjay Jain

Departmental Lecturer (Economics)

Margaryta Klymak

Departmental Lecturer

Pramila Krishnan

Professor of Development Economics (ODID)

Julien Labonne

Associate Professor in Economics and Public Policy (BSG)

Clare Leaver

Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy (BSG)

Nicolas Lippolis

Research and Policy Officer (Economics)

Mahreen Mahmud

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (BSG)

Anandi Mani

Professor of Behavioural Economics and Public Policy (BSG)

Karol Mazur

Junior Research Fellow (Trinity College)

Muhammad Meki

Rokos Junior Research Fellow (Pembroke College)

Christian Meyer

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow (Nuffield College and Economics)

Rossa O'Keeffe O'Donovan

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow (Nuffield College)

Kate Orkin

Senior Research Fellow in Behavioural Economics (BSG)

Natalie Quinn

Senior Research Officer (OPHI)

Simon Quinn

Deputy Director (CSAE); Associate Professor (Economics)

Emma Riley

Postdoctoral Researcher (Christchurch College)

Julia Ruiz Pozuelo

Research Assistant (BSG)

Olivier Sterck

Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer (ODID)

Gabriel Ulyssea

Associate Professor of Development Economics (Economics)

Martin Williams

Associate Professor in Public Management (BSG)

Christopher Woodruff

Professor of Development Economics (ODID)

Support Team

Cláudia Azevedo

Research Projects Officer

Suzanne George


Fiona Morsia


Rose Page


Stephanie Palla

Research Operations Manager

Anna Siwek


DPhil Students

Alex Copestake


Lisa Martin


Luke Milsom


Ashley Pople


Giulio Schinaia


Tom Schwantje


Hannah Uckat


Samantha Witte



Manoel Bittencourt

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Michelle Brock

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

John Gibson

University of Waikato, New Zealand

Clément Imbert

University of Warwick, UK

Stefan Leeffers

Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal
NOVAFRICA - Nova Africa Center for Business and Economic Development, Portugal

Muntasir Shami

Aston University, UK

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