Speaker, Discussant, and Chair Guidance

A guide to the roles of speaker, discussant, and chair at the CSAE Conference 2024

We arrange each session alphabetically by speaker, with the last speaker assigned the role as session chair.



As a speaker, you will have approximately 30 minutes allocated to your paper, this includes: 20 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for the discussant to comment, and 5 minutes for general questions. You can take questions during your presentation, if you prefer, but bear in mind the overall time constraint. The chair of the session will help you keep to time.


As a discussant, you are required to read the paper that you have been allocated in advance of the session so that you can start the discussion and you should prepare a few suggestions to improve the paper. You do not need to summarise the paper. You will have 5 minutes to give your feedback. You will be able to download the paper you are discussing from the online CSAE Conference programme. If the paper is not available, please email us and we will do our best to put you in touch with the author.


Your role is vital in keeping the session running on time and ensuring that every presenter gets a fair hearing. Please keep time; it is very important that each presenter and discussant be asked to stop when their time is up, and not be allowed to continue into the next presenter’s space.   

Each session runs for around 1 hour 55 minutes. If your session consists of 4 papers, then you will have about 20 minutes presentation per paper, 5 minutes for each discussant to give their comments and 5 minutes general discussion per paper.  

If there are only 2 or 3 papers in your session, then please still keep to the half hour slot for presenters and finish early – this allows participants to move in between sessions if they want to catch another paper in another room. 

 The Time Cards

There are two cards available to help you keep the speakers on track: 

  • Yellow - the five minute warning card
  • Red - the two minute warning card

 Please use them, we hope it will assist you in time-keeping!


Questions and contact

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to CSAE Conference 2024 queries.

If you have questions regarding organisational aspects of the conference, please contact csae.conference@economics.ox.ac.uk