Natalie Naïri Quinn


Current research interests include axiomatic foundations for multidimensional poverty measurement and eliciting people’s values over multiple dimensions of poverty to inform the construction of multidimensional poverty measures.  Natalie is also interested evaluating the impact of development interventions on poverty and inequality.  Earlier research focussed on the measurement of poverty over time.

Selected Publications

Quinn, N.N. (2017). Chronic Poverty and Poverty Dynamics: Resolving a Paradox in the Normative Basis for Intertemporal Poverty Measures.  Research on Economic Inequality (forthcoming).

Porter, C. and Quinn, N.N. (2013). Measuring Intertemporal Poverty: Policy Options for the Poverty Analyst.  In G. Betti and A. Lemmi (eds), Poverty and Social Exclusion: New Methods of Analysis (Routledge).

CSAE Working Papers

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