The Economic Policy Network (EPN) provides impartial, context-specific, research-informed advice to help developing country policymakers and their advisors deliver on their economic and development mandates.

How We Work

Based within the University of Oxford, we work in close partnership with local experts and global collaborators to assist policymakers in delivering on their economic and development priorities.
We respond to requests from government decision-makers and their senior advisors for support at critical junctures, preferably as part of a longer-term strategic engagement.
We provide timely, context-sensitive advice, grounded in research and evidence, and nested within local and global political and economic realities.
We take a "how to do" rather than "what to do" approach to enable change. We learn from our research and experience in many countries to strengthen the quality of economic policy-making and its politically informed implementation, respecting local circumstances.
While we do not have access to resources for implementing policy change, our work is pro-bono and independent of international organisations and donors. We value trusting relationships and mutual respect.

Our Areas of Work

We specialise in helping economies address global and local challenges, including the debt and macroeconomic crisis; challenges of economic reform, growth, and structural transformation;
the impact of climate change and the required energy transition; effective social protection, health, and education systems; and the need for more effective government to overcome the governance and implementation deficit in a world of scarcer resources.