CSAE Conference Session Guidelines

Key information about session formats and a guide to the role of Speaker at the CSAE Conference 2022.

Session format

Sessions will either by 90minutes or 120minutes in length (this is dependent on whether there are four or five speakers).

Each session will consist of:

  • Four or five speaker presentations (15minutes each)
  •  A 20minutes question and answer session at the end where questions can be posed live to all speakers.

The sessions will all take place over Zoom and will be chaired by a member of the CSAE.

To get a feel for what the sessions will be like, why not watch a recording from the CSAE Conference 2021?


Speaker information

As a speaker, you will have approximately 15minutes allocated to your paper.

Once all the speakers of the session have presented, the chair will invite questions for all speakers from the audience for the last 20minutes. The Chair of the session will help you keep to time.


Joining the session via Zoom

As a speaker, you must join the conference session via your unique Zoom panellist link. The panellist link will be emailed to you separately before the event. This link is unique to you, so make sure you keep the email somewhere safe.

Not received your link yet? All links have been sent so please contact us asap via csae.conference@economics.ox.ac.uk