Working Papers

Fetal origins of mental health: evidence from Africa

Ref: WPS/2015-15

Author(s): Achyuta Adhvaryu, James Fenske, Namrata Kala and Anant Nyshadham

Resource Discovery and Conflict in Africa: What Do the Data Show?

Ref: WPS/2015-14

Author(s): Rabah Arezki, Sambit Bhattacharyya and Nemera Mamo

Ethnic fractionalization, governance, and loan defaults in Africa

Ref: WPS/2015-12

Author(s): Svetlana Adrianova, Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos Demetriades and David Fielding

Falling Off the Map: The Impact of Formalizing (Some) Informal Settlements in Tanzania

Ref: WPS/2015-09

Author(s): Matthew Collin, Justin Sandefur and Andrew Zeitlin

When No Bad Deed Goes Punished: A Relational Contracting Experiment in Ghana

Ref: WPS/2015-08

Author(s): Elwyn Davies and Marcel Fafchamps

Firm Survival and Change in Ghana, 2003-2013

Ref: WPS/2015-06

Author(s): Elwyn Davies and Andrew Kerr

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