Working Papers

Nepotism, Schooling Outcomes and Economic Development

Ref: WPS/2018-02

Author(s): Marcello Perez-Alvarez, Holger Strulik

Cash-Plus: Poverty Impacts of Transfer-Based Intervention Alternatives

Ref: WPS/2017-15-2

Author(s): Richard Sedlmayr, Anuj Shah, Munshi Sulaiman

Cellfare: Delivering Self-Targeted Welfare Using Mobile Phones

Ref: WPS/2017-14

Author(s): Erlend Berg, D Rajasekhar and R Manjula

Household Economic Strengthening through Saving and Budgeting: Evidence from a Field Experiment in South Africa

Ref: WPS/2017-11

Author(s): Janina Isabel Steinert, Lucie Dale Cluver, Franziska Meinck, Jenny Doubt and Sebastian Vollmer

Does Education Empower Girls? Evidence from Mali

Ref: WPS/2017-10

Author(s): Marcella Vigneri and Paolo Berta

In Search of a Spatial Equilibrium in the Developing World

Ref: WPS/2017-09

Author(s): Doug Gollin, Martina Kirchberger, David Lagakos

External Adjustment in Oil Exporters: The Role of Fiscal Policy and the Exchange Rate

Ref: WPS/2017-08

Author(s): Alberto Behar and Armand Fouejieu

Hiding Money: Evidence from a field experiment with aspiring female entrepreneurs

Ref: WPS/2017-07

Author(s): Mahreen Mahmud, Farah Said, Giovanna d'Adda, Azam Chaudhry

Job Fairs: Matching Firms and Workers in a Field Experiment in Ethiopia

Ref: WPS/2017-06

Author(s): Stefano Caria, Simon Quinn, Girum Abebe, Marcel Fafchamps, Paolo Falco, Simon Franklin and Forhad Shilpi

Intensive and Extensive Margins of Mining and Development: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Ref: WPS/2017-05

Author(s): Nemera Mamo, Sambit Bhattacharya, Alexander Moradi and Rabah Arezki

The private schooling phenomenon in India: A review

Ref: WPS/2017-04

Author(s): Geeta G. Kingdon

Turning the paradigm of aid allocation on its head

Ref: WPS/2017-03

Author(s): Olivier Sterck, Max Roser, Stefan Thewissen

The Twin Instrument

Ref: WPS/2016-38

Author(s): Sonia Bhalotra and Damian Clarke

Imposing institutions: Evidence from cash transfer reform in Pakistan

Ref: WPS/2016-36

Author(s): Muhammad Haseeb and Kate Vyborny

Fertility and Causality

Ref: WPS/2016-32

Author(s): Damian Clarke

Beyond the Stars

Ref: WPS/2016-31-2

Author(s): Olivier Sterck

Two Blades of Grass: The Impact of the Green Revolution

Ref: WPS/2016-30

Author(s): Doug Gollin, Casper Worm Hansen, Asger Wingender

The persistence of inequality across Indian states

Ref: WPS/2016-26

Author(s): Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

An individual-based approach to the measurement of multiple-period mobility for nominal and ordinal variables

Ref: WPS/2016-25

Author(s): Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and Gaston Yalonetzky

Trickle-Down Ethnic Politics: Drunk and Absent in the Kenya Police Force (1957-1970)

Ref: WPS/2016-21

Author(s): Oliver Vanden Eynde, Alexander Moradi and Patrick M. Kuhn


Ref: WPS/2016-20

Author(s): John Knight

Oil Discovery, Political Institutions and Economic Diversification

Ref: WPS/2016-19

Author(s): Nouf Alsharif and Sambit Bhattacharya

Curse of Anonymity or Tyranny of Distance? The Impacts of Job-Search Support in Urban Ethiopia

Ref: WPS/2016-10

Author(s): Stefano Caria, Simon Quinn, Girum Abebe, Marcel Fafchamps, Paolo Falco, Simon Franklin

Does Climate Aid Affect Emissions? Evidence from a Global Dataset

Ref: WPS/2016-09

Author(s): Sambit Bhattacharyya, Maurizio Intartaglia and Andy McKay

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