Working Papers

Intra-household Resource Allocation and Familial Ties

Ref: WPS/2016-06

Author(s): Harounan Kazianga and Zaki Wahhaj

Resource Discovery and the Politics of Fiscal Decentralization

Ref: WPS/2016-05

Author(s): Sambit Bhattacharyya, Louis Conradie and Rabah Arezki


Ref: WPS/2016-04

Author(s): John Knight, Deng Quheng and Li Shi

Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan

Ref: WPS/2016-03

Author(s): Achyuta Adhvaryu, Prashant Bharadwaj, James Fenske, Anant Nyshadham and Richard Stanley

Discrimination in a Search-Match Model with Self-Employment

Ref: WPS/2016-02

Author(s): Jonathan Lain

Measuring attitudes regarding female genital mutilation through a list experiment

Ref: WPS/2015-20

Author(s): Elisabetta de Cao and Clemens Lutz

Inflation forecasting models for Uganda: is mobile money relevant?

Ref: WPS/2015-17

Author(s): Janine Aron, John Muellbauer, Rachel Sebudde

Critical percentiles for equalizing growth

Ref: WPS/2015-16

Author(s): Laurence Roope

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