Working Papers

History, Path Dependence and Development: Evidence from Colonial Railroads, Settlers and Cities in Kenya

Ref: WPS/2014-04

Author(s): Remi Jedwab, Edward Kerby and Alexander Moradi

Early Life Circumstance and Mental Health in Ghana

Ref: WPS/2014-03

Author(s): Achyuta Adhvaryu, James Fenske and Anant Nyshadham

1807: Economic shocks, conflict and the slave trade

Ref: WPS/2014-02

Author(s): James Fenske and Namrata Kala

Foreign Aid and Domestic Absorption

Ref: WPS/2014-01

Author(s): Jonathan R. W. Temple and Nicolas Van de Sijpe

Does Public-Sector Employment Fully Crowd Out Private-Sector Employment?

Ref: WPS/2013-20

Author(s): Alberto Behar and Junghwan Mok

Teacher Characteristics, Actions and Perceptions: What Matters for Student Achievement in Pakistan?

Ref: WPS/2013-19

Author(s): Shenila Rawal, Monazza Aslam and Baela Jamil

Banking in Africa

Ref: WPS/2013-16

Author(s): Thorsten Beck and Robert Cull

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