Giulio  Schinaia

Giulio Schinaia Researchers

Research Assistant in Development Economics (BSG)

Giulio is a research assistant in development economics at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Centre for the Studies of African Economies (CSAE).

Previously, he worked as an economic advisor at the Ministry of Education of Guinea-Bissau as an Overseas Development Institute fellow; and as an economist for the UK’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). He also worked as a short-term consultant for the World Bank’s Social Protection and Labour practice, the Bandim Health Project (the largest public health research centre in Guinea-Bissau), and as a field research assistant for CSAE based at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute in Addis Ababa.

He holds an MPhil in Economics (2016) from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Economics (2013) from the University of York and the University of Sydney.


Giulio is providing analytical support to research projects in Ethiopia and Kenya that study the relationship between psychological constraints and economic outcomes. His research interests include personnel economics of the state and the effects of social protection programmes in low- and middle-income countries.