Julia Ruiz Pozuelo


Julia’s research interests lie at the intersection of social psychology and economics, including topics on wellbeing metrics, happiness, aspirations, and subjective poverty.

At the Blavatnik School, Julia supports a team of psychiatrists and development economists to explore whether psychological therapies can be applied in LMICs to impact key life outcomes.

Selected Publications

Graham, Carol and Julia Ruiz Pozuelo (2016), “Happiness, Stress and Age: How the “U Curve” Varies Across People and Places” Journal of Population Economics, DOI 10.1007/s00148-016-0611-2

Ruiz Pozuelo, Julia, Amy Slipowitz, and Guillermo Vuletin (2016), “Democracy does not cause growth: The importance of endogeneity arguments”, IDB working paper series, IDB-WP-694.

García da Rosa, Santiago, César Guadalupe, and Julia Ruiz Pozuelo (2015), “The Latin America learning barometer: Moving forward in access, lagging behind in learning”, Working Paper 93, Global Economy and Development, The Brookings Institution.