Ethiopia Firms (AAIS)


This data is made available for academic research by the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford. We would ask that the use of the data and its source be acknowledged. We would also ask that the respective institutions and individuals involved in the collection, organisation and financing for this surveys be acknowledged.

Dr. Taye Mengistae was responsible for the implementation of the Ethiopia firm survey. He can be contacted for further information by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The survey was undertaken by a joint team from the Economics Department of Addis Ababa University and the Centre for Study of African Economies, University of Oxford and was funded by the Dutch government.


This is the first wave of a panel data set on a sample of firms within the Ethiopian manufacturing sector, all based in the Addis Ababa region. The first round of the survey was undertaken between September - December 1993. The questionnaire structure and types of data collected were designed to be consistent with other African manufacturing sector surveys carried out under the Regional Program on Enterprise Development (RPED) organised by the World Bank. The survey covers 220 firms that were selected on a random basis from manufacturing establishments in the Addis Ababa region, of which 30 are public enterprises. The firms constitute a panel which was intended to be broadly representative of the size distribution of firms across the major sectors of Ethiopia’s manufacturing industry. These sectors include food processing, textiles and garments, paper products and furniture, metal products and machinery.

PDF files may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free by downloading from Adobe's web-site. Please read this documentation before trying to download and use the data.


The dataset presented here has been extracted from a detailed questionnaire conducted with the owners/ senior managers and, for relevant sections, workers of the sampled manufacturing firms. The original questionnaire was designed by a team from the World Bank, as part of the Regional Program on Enterprise Development (RPED).

A scanned copy of the coded Wave 1 (1993) questionnaire is provided here. It is split into three PDF files for downloading convenience. The total Wave 1 Questionnaire is 71 pages long. As these files are more than 1MB in size, a link has been added to provide access to the text in several parts of less than 1MB.

Wave 1 Questionnaire part 1 of 3 (PDF file, 1.8Mb)

Wave 1 Questionnaire part 2 of 3 (PDF file, 3.1Mb) 

Wave 1 Questionnaire part 3 of 3 (PDF file, 3.0Mb)

Ethiopia AAIS Wave 1 (1993) Raw Data

The raw data is available for downloading as a Zip archive (166KB). Within the Zip archive, the raw data files are in SPSS portable file format with extension "filename.por". There are a total of 41 files which contain data on all sections of the questionnaire, apart from several pages of Section 5 on Financial Markets and Contractual Relations. Please see the dataset documentation for further information.

Ethiopia AAIS Wave 1 (1993) Section Data

The Section Data is available for downloading as a Zip archive (194KB).

In order to facilitate the use of the data, the individual page data files have also been grouped together into section files, relating to the relevant section of the questionnaire, using the SAS statistics programme. Please note that these files contain the same data as the SPSS raw data files, just grouped by section of the questionnaire.

Within the Zip archive there are a total of 11 section files (‘Sect1’ - ‘Sect10’ plus a ‘Workers’ file) which are stored in SAS transport file format with the extension ‘*.dat’. These section files have been used in the programme to identify and organise a number of the main firm level variables.

Please note that these files will first need to be converted from ‘transport file’ format in order to become usable. An example of how to convert SAS transport files into SAS data files (*.sd2) is included in the conversion programme ‘’.

Please see the dataset documentation for further information.

Ethiopia AAIS Wave 1 (1993) SAS Programs

Two SAS programs are available for downloading in a Zip archive (4KB).



      This SAS programme identifies a number of the key firm-level variables in the dataset and organises these into a format from which it is possible to run a production function.


    This SAS programme enables the conversion of the SAS files containing the section data from transport format (*.dat) into data file format (*.sd2). This will be necessary in order to be able to run the programme on the data.

In order to run these programs, it will be necessary to modify the library names contained within the programme in order to reference the correct directory path on the user’s computer system.

Please see the dataset documentation for further information.