#DIYCSAE – Twitter Conference 2020

We’re very sorry to be cancelling the CSAE Conference 2020, but, with your help, we would like to try to recreate the conference on Twitter! This year’s programme, as always, is crammed full of really interesting papers with the potential for great discussions, can you help us to create a #DIYCSAE conference? For all those who would still like to engage, here is what we have in mind…

How will #DIYCSAE work?

We are working on returning the CSAE Conference 2020 programme back to its original format so that all our speakers can find their sessions and discussants know which paper they’ve been allocated. Next step, create #DIYCSAE sessions and presentations.

Speakers, this part is down to you! We ask that you upload to your own website or find your own domain to host your posts, as we are not be able to host everyone’s content on the CSAE website and YouTube channel.

Things you could upload:

  • a short video summary of your paper or the motivations behind it (up to 15 minutes);
  • a few presentation slides with commentary (video format or simply a presentation);
  • a 1-2 page paper review of your presentation;
  • start a Twitter thread about the key questions/findings of your paper;
  • any other creative ideas that you have!

You can then tweet your post, making sure that you tag the CSAE @Oxford_CSAE with the hashtag #DIYCSAE and #OxCSAE2020 and we’ll retweet your post! We will also create a link from your paper in the CSAE programme to your post so that everyone can access it.

As a discussant, you can take a look at the discussion of the paper you’ve been allocated and write a comment response, or get creative with the format of your response (video, presentation slides). Feel free to keep your responses offline as well, if that’s more appropriate!

When will #DIYCSAE start?

We are going to start the #DIYCSAE conference on Monday 16 March and will continue to post content from our speakers until Tuesday 31 March.

How else can I get involved?

Not on Twitter?

Might be a good reason to join and follow us @Oxford_CSAE? If you’re not on Twitter, email a link to your post and your session name (e.g. Firms 1) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line #DIYCSAE + your name. All paper posts that we are sent/tagged in will be linked to the CSAE Conference programme so that everyone can see your #DIYCSAE post (even if they’re not on Twitter).

Download the CSAE App!

The CSAE Conference 2020 app is live! You can take a look at the programme, network with others who are interested in the CSAE Conference 2020, and view the #OxCSAE2020 and #DIYCSAE Twitter posts. Everyone is welcome to download the app and get involved in #DIYCSAE, even if they weren’t originally planning to attend the conference. Download the app now.

We hope that you will help us to recreate the CSAE Conference 2020 through #DIYCSAE and look forward to receiving your posts/tags on Twitter from 16 March.