Working Paper Series List

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WPS/2017-15 | PDF (354kB)
Richard Sedlmayr, Anuj Shah, Munshi Sulaiman. Cash-Plus: Cash Transfer Extensions and Recipient Agency.

WPS/2017-14 | PDF (354kB)
Erlend Berg, D Rajasekhar, R Manjula. Cellfare: Delivering Self-Targeted Welfare Using Mobile Phones.

WPS/2017-13 | PDF (666kB)
Emma Riley. Increasing students' aspirations: the impact of Queen of Katwe on students' educational attainment.

WPS/2017-12 | PDF (662kB)
Moritz Poll. Breaking Up The Relationship: Dichotomous Effects of Positive and Negative Growth on the Income of the Poor.

WPS/2017-11 | PDF (2.0MB)
Janina Isabel Steinert, Lucie Dale Cluver, Franziska Meinck, Jenny Doubt, Sebastian Vollmer. Household Economic Strengthening through Saving and Budgeting: Evidence from a Field Experiment in South Africa.

WPS/2017-10 | PDF (1.7MB)
Marcella Vigneri, Paolo Berta. Does Education Empower Girls? Evidence from Mali.

WPS/2017-09 | PDF (968kB)
Douglas Gollin, Martina Kirchberger, David Lagakos. In Search of a Spatial Equilibrium in the Developing World.

WPS/2017-08 | PDF (786kB)
Alberto Behar, Armand Fouejieu. External Adjustment in Oil Exporters: The Role of Fiscal Policy and the Exchange Rate.

WPS/2017-07 | PDF (463kB)
Farah Said, Mahreen Mahmud, Giovanna d’Adda, Azam Chaudhry. Hiding Money: Evidence from a field experiment with aspiring female entrepreneurs.

WPS/2017-06 | PDF (956kB)
Girum Abebe, Stefano Caria, Marcel Fafchamps, Paolo Falco, Simon Franklin, Simon Quinn, Forhad Shilpi. Job Fairs: Matching Firms and Workers in a Field Experiment in Ethiopia.

WPS/2017-05 | PDF (2.75MB)
Nemera Mamo, Sambit Bhattacharya, Alexander Moradi, Rabah Arezki. Intensive and Extensive Margins of Mining and Development: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa.

WPS/2017-04 | PDF (1.37MB)
Geeta G. Kingdon. The private schooling phenomenon in India: A review.

WPS/2017-03 | PDF (1.33MB)
Olivier Sterck, Max Roser, Stefan Thewissen. Turning the paradigm of aid allocation on its head.

WPS/2017-02 | PDF (1.95MB)
Janine Aron. ‘Leapfrogging’: a Survey of the Nature and Economic Implications of Mobile Money.

WPS/2017-01 | PDF (421kB)
Erlend Berg, Michael Blake, Karlijn Morsink. Risk Sharing and the Demand for Insurance: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia.


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WPS/2016-38 | PDF (1.75MB)
Sonia Bhalotra, Damian Clarke. The Twin Instrument.

WPS/2016-37 | PDF (839kB)
Eline Bos. Leading by Example: What is the effect on educational outcomes of exposing girls, in addition to parents, to female role models?

WPS/2016-36 | PDF (702kB)
Muhammad Haseeb, Kate Vyborny. Imposing institutions: Evidence from cash transfer reform in Pakistan.

WPS/2016-35 | PDF (823kB)
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero, Adrienne LeBas. Does electoral violence affect voting choice and willingness to vote? Evidence from a vignette experiment.

WPS/2016-34 | PDF (1.6MB)
Jonathan Lain. Job Flexibility and Occupational Selection: An Application of Maximum Simulated Likelihood Using Data from Ghana.

WPS/2016-33 | PDF (1.2MB)
Damian Clarke, Hanna Mühlrad. The impact of abortion legalization on fertility and female empowerment: new evidence from Mexico.

WPS/2016-32 | PDF (1MB)
Damian Clarke. Fertility and Causality.

WPS/2016-31-2 | PDF (1.7MB). (Previous version WPS/2016-31)
Olivier Sterck. Beyond the Stars: a New Method for Assessing the Economic Importance of Variables in Regressions.

WPS/2016-30 | PDF (2.9MB)
Douglas Gollin, Casper Worm Hansen, Asger Wingender. Two Blades of Grass: The Impact of the Green Revolution.

WPS/2016-29 | PDF (1.1MB)
Renata Lemos, Daniela Scur. All in the family? CEO succession and firm organization.

WPS/2016-27 | PDF (709kB)
Ferdinand Eibl, Adeel Malik. The Politics of Partial Liberalization: Cronyism and Non-Tariff Protection in Mubarak's Egypt.

WPS/2016-26 | PDF (749kB)
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay. The persistence of inequality across Indian states.

WPS/2016-25 | PDF (434kB)
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Gaston Yalonetzky. An individual-based approach to the measurement of multiple-period mobility for nominal and ordinal variables.

WPS/2016-24 | PDF (457kB)
Kerstin Schopohl. "Get rid of the four olds": the long-lasting impact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution on Chinese society.

WPS/2016-23 | PDF (366kB)
Richard Caplan, Anke Hoeffler. Why Peace Endures: an Analysis of Post-Conflict Stabilization.

WPS/2016-22 | PDF (162kB)
Andrew Wheeler. Breaking the Cycle: the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital.

WPS/2016-21 | PDF (547kB)
Oliver Vanden Eynde, Patrick M. Kuhn, Alexander Moradi. Trickle-Down Ethnic Politics: Drunk and Absent in the Kenya Police Force (1957-1970).

WPS/2016-20 | PDF (213kB)
John Knight. China's Inequality is Important – but which Inequality?

WPS/2016-19 | PDF (1.6MB)
Nouf Alsharif, Sambit Bhattacharya. Oil Discovery, Political Institutions and Economic Diversification.

WPS/2016-18 | PDF (737kB)
Louis Graham. Turning a blind eye: a Regression Discontinuity Design Analysis of Party-Based Support for Corruption in Brazil.

WPS/2016-17 | PDF (2.33MB)
Catherine Jury. "Know Your Status": The Impact of HIV testing on Time and Risk Preferences and the Implications for Behaviour.

WPS/2016-16 | PDF (562kB)
Emma Riley. Mobile Money and Risk Sharing Against Aggregate Shocks

WPS/2016-15 | PDF (417kB)
Koon Peng Ooi. Examining The Impact of ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement on Indonesian Manufacturing Employment

WPS/2016-14 | PDF (937kB)
Robert Garlick, Kate Orkin, Simon Quinn. Call Me Maybe: Experimental Evidence on Using Mobile Phones to Survey Microenterprises

WPS/2016-13 | PDF (4MB)
Nancy Colombé. Paid to Play Truant: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Secondary Enrolment Rates in Indonesia

WPS/2016-12 | PDF (1.74MB)
Michelle Rao. Gender-Oriented Languages and Female Labour Force Participation: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

WPS/2016-11 | PDF (433kB)
Augustin Kwasi Fosu. The Recent Growth Resurgence in Africa and Poverty Reduction: Assessing the Context and Evidence

WPS/2016-10 | PDF (760kB)
Girum Abebe, Stefano Caria, Marcel Fafchamps, Paolo Falco, Simon Franklin, Simon Quinn. Curse of Anonymity or Tyranny of Distance? The Impacts of Job-Search Support in Urban Ethiopia

WPS/2016-09 | PDF (380kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya, Maurizio Intartaglia, Andy Mckay. Does Climate Aid Affect Emissions? Evidence from a Global Dataset

WPS/2016-08 | PDF (378kB)
Girum Abebe, Biruk Tekle, Yukichi Mano. Changing saving and investment behavior: the impact of financial literacy training and reminders on micro-businesses

WPS/2016-07 | PDF (382kB)
Francis Teal. Firm Size, Employment and Value-added in African Manufacturing Firms: Why Ghana needs its 1 per cent

WPS/2016-06 | PDF (635kB)
Harounan Kazianga, Zaki Wahhaj. Intra-household Resource Allocation and Familial Ties

WPS/2016-05 | PDF (751kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya, Louis Conradie and Rabah Arezki. Resource Discovery and the Politics of Fiscal Decentralization

WPS/2016-04 | PDF (425kB)
John Knight, Deng Quheng, Li Shi. China's Expansion of Higher Education: the Labour Market Consequences of a Supply Shock

WPS/2016-03 | PDF (971kB)
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Prashant Bharadwaj, James Fenske, Anant Nyshadham, Richard Stanley. Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan

WPS/2016-02 | PDF (1.11MB)
Jonathan Lain. Discrimination in a Search-Match Model with Self-Employment

WPS/2016-01 | PDF (1.13MB)
Christopher Adam, David Bevan, Douglas Gollin. Rural-Urban Linkages, Public Investment and Transport Costs: The Case of Tanzania


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WPS/2015-20 | PDF (362kB)
Elisabetta De Cao, Clemens Lutz. Measuring attitudes regarding female genital mutilation through a list experiment

WPS/2015-19 | PDF (679kB)
Olivier Sterck. Fighting for votes: theory and evidence on the causes of electoral violence

WPS/2015-18-2 | PDF (375kB). (Previous version: WPS/2015-18)
Geeta Kingdon, Mohd Muzammil. Government per pupil expenditure in Uttar Pradesh: Implications for the reimbursement of private schools under the RTE Act

WPS/2015-17 | PDF (983kB)
Janine Aron, John Muellbauer, Rachel Sebudde. Inflation forecasting models for Uganda: is mobile money relevant?

WPS/2015-16 | PDF (217kB)
Laurence Roope. Critical percentiles for equalizing growth

WPS/2015-15 | PDF (291kB)
Achyuta Adhvaryu, James Fenske, Namrata Kala, Anant Nyshadham. Fetal origins of mental health: evidence from Africa

WPS/2015-14 | PDF (264kB)
Rabah Arezki, Sambit Bhattacharyya and Nemera Mamo. Resource Discovery and Conflict in Africa: What Do the Data Show?

WPS/2015-13 | PDF (431kB)
Rachel Cassidy, Marcel Fafchamps. Can community-based microfinance groups match savers with borrowers? Evidence from rural Malawi

WPS/2015-12 | PDF (782kB)
Svetlana Adrianova, Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos Demetriades, David Fielding. Ethnic fractionalization, governance, and loan defaults in Africa

WPS/2015-11 | PDF (690kB)
Simon Franklin. Location, search costs and youth unemployment: A randomized trial of transport subsidies in Ethiopia

WPS/2015-10 | PDF (708kB)
Simon Franklin. Enabled to Work: The Impact of Government Housing on Slum Dwellers in South Africa

WPS/2015-09 | PDF (1.1MB)
Matthew Collin, Justin Sandefur, Andrew Zeitlin. Falling Off the Map: The Impact of Formalizing (Some) Informal Settlements in Tanzania

WPS/2015-08 | PDF (2.1MB)
Elwyn Davies, Marcel Fafchamps. When No Bad Deed Goes Punished: A Relational Contracting Experiment in Ghana

WPS/2015-07 | PDF (777kB)
A. Stefano Caria, Marcel Fafchamps. Can Farmers Create Efficient Information Networks? Experimental Evidence from Rural India

WPS/2015-06 | PDF (489kB)
Elwyn Davies, Andrew Kerr. Firm Survival and Change in Ghana, 2003-2013

WPS/2015-05 | PDF (644kB)
Paul Collier, Olivier Sterck, Richard Manning. The Moral and Fiscal Implications of Anti-Retroviral Therapies for HIV in Africa

WPS/2015-04 | PDF (524kB)
Anthony Harris. Expropriation, compensation and transitions to new livelihoods: Evidence from an expropriation in Ethiopia

WPS/2015-03 | PDF (1.4MB)
Sonya Krutikova, Helene Bie Lilleør. Fetal Origins of Personality: Effects of early life circumstances on adult personality traits

WPS/2015-02 | PDF (558kB)
James Fenske, Igor Zurimendi. Oil and ethnic inequality in Nigeria

WPS/2015-01 | PDF (510kB)
Cornelius Christian, James Fenske. Economic shocks and unrest in French West Africa


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WPS/2014-37 | PDF (436kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Julien Labonne. Do Politicians' Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections

WPS/2014-36 | PDF (1.7MB)
Jing You, Sangui Wang, Laurence Roope. Multi-dimensional Intertemporal Poverty in Rural China

WPS/2014-35 | PDF (467kB)
Mark Dincecco, James Fenske, Massimiliano Gaetano Onorato. Is Africa Different? Historical Conflict and State Development

WPS/2014-34 | PDF (418kB)
Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Quinn. Aspire

WPS/2014-33 | PDF (774kB)
Stefano Caria, Marcel Fafchamps. Cooperation and Expectations in Networks: Evidence from a Network Public Good Experiment in Rural India

WPS/2014-32 | PDF (95kB)
Uzma Afzal, Giovanna d'Adda, Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Quinn and Farah Said. Two Sides of the Same Rupee? Comparing Demand for Microcredit and Microsaving in a Framed Field Experiment in Rural Pakistan

WPS/2014-31 | PDF (432kB)
Elisabetta De Cao. The height production function from birth to maturity

WPS/2014-30 | PDF (508kB)
Oriana Bandiera, Niklas Buehren, Robin Burgess, Markus Goldstein, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul, and Munshi Sulaiman. Women's empowerment in action: Evidence from a randomized control trial in Africa

WPS/2014-29 | PDF (320kB)
Christopher P. Roth. Conspicuous Consumption and Peer Effects among the Poor: Evidence From a Field Experiment

WPS/2014-28 | PDF (489kB)
Abhijeet Singh. Emergence and evolution of learning gaps across countries: Linked panel evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam

WPS/2014-27 | PDF (514kB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. Migration, Diasporas and Culture: an Empirical Investigation

WPS/2014-26 | PDF (442kB)
John Knight, Li Shi, Yuan Chang. Minorities in Rural China: Poorer but Inherently Happier?

WPS/2014-25 | PDF (585kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Simon Quinn. Networks and Manufacturing Firms in Africa: Results from a Randomized Field Experiment

WPS/2014-24 | PDF (353kB)
Stefan Dercon. Climate Change, Green Growth and Aid Allocation to Poor Countries

WPS/2014-23 | PDF (420kB)
Daniel Ayalew Ali, Matthew Collin, Klaus Deininger, Stefan Dercon, Justin Sandefur, and Andrew Zeitlin. The Price of Empowerment: Experimental Evidence on Land Titling in Tanzania

WPS/2014-22 | PDF (439kB)
Stefan Dercon, and Douglas Gollin. Agriculture in African Development: A Review of Theories and Strategies

WPS/2014-21 | PDF (456kB)
Markus Eberhardt, and Dietrich Vollrath. Agricultural Technology and Structural Change

WPS/2014-20 | PDF (1.1MB)
Andrea Colombo, Olivia D'Aoust, and Olivier Sterck. From Rebellion to Electoral Violence: Evidence from Burundi

WPS/2014-19 | PDF (1.7MB)
Martina Kirchberger. Natural disasters and labour markets

WPS/2014-18 | PDF (368kB)
Francis Teal. Employment Creation, Poverty and the Structure of the Job Market in Nigeria

WPS/2014-17 | PDF (477kB)
Augustin Kwasi Fosu. Growth, Inequality, and Poverty in Sub‐Saharan Africa: Recent Progress in a Global Context

WPS/2014-16 | PDF (410kB)
Tanguy Bernard, Stefan Dercon, Kate Orkin, and Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. The Future in Mind: Aspirations and Forward-Looking Behaviour in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2014-15 | PDF (247kB)
Thorsten Beck, Haki Pamuk, and Burak R. Uras. Entrepreneurial Saving Practices and Reinvestment: Theory and Evidence from Tanzanian MSEs

WPS/2014-14 | PDF (477kB)
Sylvia Bishop and Anke Hoeffler. Free and Fair Elections – A New Database

WPS/2014-13 | PDF (561kB)
Andrew Dillon, Jed Friedman, and Pieter Serneels. Health information, treatment, and worker productivity: Experimental evidence from malaria testing and treatment among Nigerian sugarcane cutters

WPS/2014-12 | PDF (445kB)
Olivier C. Sterck. Natural resources and the spread of HIV/AIDS: curse or blessing?

WPS/2014-11 | PDF (329kB)
Bet Caeyers. Peer effects in development programme awareness of vulnerable groups in rural Tanzania

WPS/2014-10 | PDF (329kB)
Rulof P. Burger and Francis J. Teal. The effect of schooling on worker productivity: evidence from a South African industry panel

WPS/2014-09 | PDF (382kB)
John Knight and Ramani Gunatilaka. Subjective Well-being and Social Evaluation in a Poor Country

WPS/2014-08 | PDF (978kB)
Leander Heldring. State Capacity and Violence: Evidence from the Rwandan genocide

WPS/2014-07 | PDF (490kB)
Stefano A. Caria, Paolo Falco. Do employers trust workers too little? An experimental study of trust in the labour market

WPS/2014-06 | PDF (380kB)
W. Seitz and D. La Torre. Modelling Investment Optimization on Smallholder Farms through Multi-criteria Decision Approaches: An Example from Ethiopia

WPS/2014-05 | PDF (494kB)
Bet Caeyers. Exclusion bias in empirical social interaction models: causes, consequences and solutions

WPS/2014-04 | PDF (1011kB)
Remi Jedwab, Edward Kerby, and Alexander Moradi. History, Path Dependence and Development: Evidence from Colonial Railroads, Settlers and Cities in Kenya

WPS/2014-03 | PDF (440kB)
Achyuta Adhvaryu, James Fenske, and Anant Nyshadham. Early Life Circumstance and Mental Health in Ghana

WPS/2014-02 | PDF (640kB)
James Fenske and Namrata Kala. 1807: Economic shocks, conflict and the slave trade

WPS/2014-01 | PDF (239kB)
Jonathan R. W. Temple and Nicolas Van de Sijpe. Foreign Aid and Domestic Absorption


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WPS/2013-21 | PDF (515kB)
Alberto Behar. Does the Nigerian formal sector pay more than its informal sector?

WPS/2013-20 | PDF (458kB)
Alberto Behar and Junghwan Mok. Does Public-Sector Employment Fully Crowd Out Private-Sector Employment?

WPS/2013-19 | PDF (429kB)
Shenila Rawal, Monazza Aslam, and Baela Jamil. Teacher Characteristics, Actions and Perceptions: What Matters for Student Achievement in Pakistan?

WPS/2013-18 | PDF (401kB)
Laurin Janes. Can capital grants help microenterprises reach the productivity level of SMEs? Evidence from an experiment in Sri Lanka

WPS/2013-17 | PDF (1.19MB)
Remi Jedwab and Alexander Moradi. Transportation Technology and Economic Change: The Impact of Colonial Railroads on City Growth in Africa

WPS/2013-16 | PDF (529kB)
Thorsten Beck and Robert Cull . Banking in Africa

WPS/2013-15 | PDF (427kB)
Paolo Falco. Does risk matter for occupational choices? Experimental evidence from an African labour market

WPS/2013-14 | PDF (478kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya and Budy P. Resosudarmo. Growth, Growth Accelerations and the Poor: Lessons from Indonesia

WPS/2013-13 | PDF (366kB)
Rulof P. Burger and Francis J. Teal. Measuring the option value of education

WPS/2013-12 | PDF (513kB)
Matthew Collin. Tribe or title? Ethnic enclaves and the demand for formal land tenure in a Tanzanian slum

WPS/2013-11 | PDF (374kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya and Jeffrey G. Williamson. Distributional Impact of Commodity Price Shocks: Australia over a Century

WPS/2013-10 | PDF (137kB)
Nicolas Van de Sijpe. The fungibility of health aid reconsidered

WPS/2013-09 | PDF (572kB)
Jenny C. Aker and Marcel Fafchamps. Mobile Phone Coverage and Producer Markets: Evidence from West Africa

WPS/2013-08 | PDF (312kB)
Achyuta Adhvaryu and James Fenske. War, resilience and political engagement in Africa

WPS/2013-07 | PDF (199kB)
Markus Eberhardt, Zheng Wang, Zhihong Yu. Intra-National Protectionism in China: Evidence from the Public Disclosure of ‘Illegal’ Drug Advertising

WPS/2013-06 | PDF (269kB)
Erlend Berg, Maitreesh Ghatak, R Manjula, D Rajasekhar, Sanchari Roy. Motivating Knowledge Agents: Can Incentive Pay Overcome Social Distance?

WPS/2013-05 | PDF (349kB)
Timothy C. Salmon and Danila Serra. Does Social Judgment Diminish Rule Breaking?

WPS/2013-04 | PDF (449kB)
Tessa Bold, Mwangi Kimenyi, Germano Mwabu, Alice Ng'ang'a, and Justin Sandefur. Scaling-up What Works: Experimental Evidence on External Validity in Kenyan Education.

WPS/2013-03 | PDF (1.7M)
Clément Imbert and John Papp. Labor Market Effects of Social Programs: Evidence from India's Employment Guarantee.

WPS/2013-02 | PDF (438kB)
Cristina Bodea and Adrienne LeBas. The Origins of Social Contracts: Attitudes toward Taxation in Urban Nigeria.

WPS/2013-01 | PDF (277kB)
Paul Collier and Anthony J. Venables. Housing and Urbanization in Africa: unleashing a formal market process.


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WPS/2012-23 | PDF (352kB)
James Fenske and Namrata Kala. Climate, ecosystem resilience and the slave trade.

WPS/2012-22 | PDF (391kB)
William Seitz. Stock Market Reactions to Conflict Diamond Trading Restrictions and Controversies.

WPS/2012-21 | PDF (304kB)
Andrew Kerr. A Model of Comparative Advantage with Matching in the Urban Tanzanian Labour Market.

WPS/2012-20 | PDF (367kB)
James Fenske. African polygamy: Past and present.

WPS/2012-19 | PDF (260kB)
James Fenske. Imachi Nkwu: Trade and the commons.

WPS/2012-18 | PDF (401kB)
James Fenske. Ecology, trade and states in pre-colonial Africa.

WPS/2012-17 | PDF (552kB)
Manos Antoninis. Tackling the largest global education challenge? Secular and religious education in northern Nigeria.

WPS/2012-16 | PDF (277kB)
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero. An Inquiry into the Use of Illegal Electoral Practices and Effects of Political Violence.

WPS/2012-15 | PDF (205kB)
Monazza Aslam and Kim Lehrer. Learning by Doing: Skills and Jobs in Urban Ghana.

WPS/2012-14 | PDF (970kB)
Ana Sílvia de Matos Vaz. Interpersonal Influence Regarding the Decision to Vote Within Mozambican Households.

WPS/2012-13 | PDF (218kB)
John Knight. China as a Developmental State.

WPS/2012-12 | PDF (291kB)
Lorenzo Rotunno, Pierre-Louis Vézina, and Zheng Wang. The rise and fall of (Chinese) African apparel exports.

WPS/2012-11 | PDF (224kB)
Augustin Kwasi Fosu. Growth of African Economies: Productivity, Policy Syndromes and the Importance of Institutions.

WPS/2012-10 | PDF (443kB)
Pieter Serneels and Marijke Verpoorten. The impact of armed conflict on economic performance: Evidence from Rwanda.

WPS/2012-09 | PDF (273kB)
Julien Labonne. The local electoral impacts of conditional cash transfers: Evidence from a field experiment.

WPS/2012-08 | PDF (324kB)
Adeel Malik. Was the Middle East's economic descent a legal or political failure? Debating the Islamic Law Matters Thesis.

WPS/2012-07 | PDF (719kB)
Christopher S Adam, Pantaleo Kessy, Camillus Kombe and Stephen A O'Connell. Exchange Rate Arrangements in the Transition to East African Monetary Union.

WPS/2012-06 | PDF (354kB)
Paul Collier, Anthony J. Venables. Greening Africa? Technologies, endowments and the latecomer effect.

WPS/2012-05 | PDF (490kB)
Erlend Berg, Sambit Bhattacharyya, Rajasekhar Durgam and Manjula Ramachandra. Can rural public works affect agricultural wages? Evidence from India.

WPS/2012-04 | PDF (311kB)
Andrew Kerr and Francis Teal. The Determinants of Earnings Inequalities: Panel data evidence from South Africa.

WPS/2012-03 | PDF (311kB)
Peter Montiel, Christopher Adam, Wilfred Mbowe and Stephen O'Connell. Financial Architecture and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Tanzania.

WPS/2012-02 | PDF (288kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya and Roland Hodler. Media Freedom and Democracy: Complements or Substitutes in the Fight against Corruption?

WPS/2012-01 | PDF (568kB)
Bruno Versailles. Market Integration and Border Effects in Eastern Africa


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WPS/2011-23 | PDF (491kB)
Adeel Malik and Bassem Awadallah. The economics of the Arab Spring

WPS/2011-22 | PDF (303kB)
Augustin Kwasi Fosu, Yoseph Yilma Getachew and Thomas Ziesemer. Optimal public investment, growth, and consumption: Evidence from African countries

WPS/2011-21 | PDF (608kB)
Denis Cogneau and Alexander Moradi. Borders that Divide: Education and Religion in Ghana and Togo since Colonial Times

WPS/2011-20 | PDF (253kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya. Political Origins of Financial Structure

WPS/2011-19 | PDF (325kB)
Joshua Blumenstock, Nathan Eagle and Marcel Fafchamps. Risk and Reciprocity Over the Mobile Phone Network: Evidence from Rwanda

WPS/2011-18 | PDF (143kB)
Stefan Dercon, John Hoddinott and Tassew Woldehanna. Growth and chronic poverty: Evidence from rural communities in Ethiopia

WPS/2011-17 | PDF (196kB)
Stefan Dercon. Social Protection, Efficiency and Growth

WPS/2011-16 | PDF (218kB)
Erlend Berg. Funeral insurance

WPS/2011-15 | PDF (384kB)
Markus Eberhardt, Christian Helmers and Zhihong Yu. Is the Dragon Learning to Fly? An Analysis of the Chinese Patent Explosion

WPS/2011-14 | PDF (245kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya and Paul Collier. Public Capital in Resource Rich Economies: Is there a Curse?

WPS/2011-13 | PDF (271kB)
Abigail Barr and Andrew Zeitlin. Conflict of interest as a barrier to local accountability.

WPS/2011-12 | PDF (687kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Forhad Shilpi. Education, Preferences, and Household Welfare.

WPS/2011-11 | PDF (391kB)
Marcel Fafchamps, David McKenzie, Simon Quinn and Christopher Woodruff. When is capital enough to get female microenterprises growing? Evidence from a randomized experiment in Ghana.

WPS/2011-10 | PDF (563kB)
Mehtabul Azam and Geeta Gandhi Kingdon. Are girls the fairer sex in India? Revisiting intra-household allocation of education expenditure.

WPS/2011-09 | PDF (339kB)
Augustin Kwasi Fosu. Terms of Trade and Growth of Resource Economies: A Tale of Two Countries.

WPS/2011-08 | PDF (1.31MB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Måns Söderbom. Network Proximity and Business Practices in African Manufacturing.

WPS/2011-07 | PDF (556kB)
Augustin Kwasi Fosu. Growth, Inequality, and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: Recent Global evidence.

WPS/2011-06 | PDF (314kB)
Bereket Kebede and Daniel John Zizzo. Envy and agricultural innovation: An Experimental Case Study from Ethiopia.

WPS/2011-05 | PDF (196kB)
Remco H. Oostendorp and Fred Zaal. Understanding Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation Techniques: The role of new owners.

WPS/2011-04 | PDF (333kB)
Tessa Bold, Mwangi Kimenyi, Germano Mwabu and Justin Sandefur. Does Abolishing Fees Reduce School Quality? Evidence from Kenya.

WPS/2011-03 | PDF (252kB)
Tanguy Bernard, Stefan Dercon, and Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. Beyond fatalism - an empirical exploration of self-efficacy and aspirations failure in Ethiopia.

WPS/2011-02 | PDF (250kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Matthias Schündeln. Local Financial Development and Firm Performance: Evidence from Morocco.

WPS/2011-01 | PDF (274kB)
Bereket Kebede, Marcela Tarazona, Alistair Munro and Arjan Verschoor. Intra-household efficiency: An experimental study from Ethiopia.


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WPS/2010-40 | PDF (326kB)
Sambit Bhattacharyya and Roland Hodler. Do Natural Resource Revenues Hinder Financial Development? The Role of Political Institutions.

WPS/2010-39 | PDF (152kB)
Stefan Dercon and Catherine Porter. Live aid revisited: long-term impacts of the 1984 Ethiopian famine on children.

WPS/2010-38 | PDF (321kB)
Nicolas Van de Sijpe. Is foreign aid fungible? Evidence from the education and health sectors.

WPS/2010-37 | PDF (217kB)
Andrew Zeitlin, Stefano Caria, Richman Dzene, Petr Janský, Emmanuel Opoku, and Francis Teal. Heterogeneous returns and the persistence of agricultural technology adoption.

WPS/2010-36 | PDF (371kB)
Sofya Krutikova. Who Gets to Stay in School? Long-run Impact of Income Shocks on Schooling in Rural Tanzania.

WPS/2010-35 | PDF (275kB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. Do Elections Matter for Economic Performance?

WPS/2010-34 | PDF (371kB)
Thi Minh-Phuong Ngo and Zaki Wahhaj. Microfinance and Gender Empowerment.

WPS/2010-33 | PDF (239kB)
Harounan Kanzianga and Zaki Wahhaj. Gender, Social Norms and Household Production in Burkina Faso.

WPS/2010-32 | PDF (341kB)
Markus Eberhardt and Francis Teal. Aggregation versus Heterogeneity in Cross-Country Growth Empirics.

WPS/2010-31 | PDF (197kB)
Erlend Berg. Are poor households credit-constrained or myopic? Evidence from a South African panel.

WPS/2010-30 | PDF (152kB)
Alberto Behar and Laia Cirera i Crivillé. The impact of North-South and South-South trade agreements on bilateral trade.

WPS/2010-29 | PDF (182kB)
Alberto Behar. Do managers and experts agree? A comparison of alternative sources of trade facilitation data.

WPS/2010-28 | PDF (277kB)
Mauro Caselli. Trade, skill-biased technical change and wages in Mexican manufacturing.

WPS/2010-27 | PDF (207kB)
Mauro Caselli. Trade liberalisation, skill-biased technical change and wages in developing countries: a model with heterogeneous firms.

WPS/2010-26 | PDF (217kB)
Christian Helmers and Natalia Trofimenko. Export Subsidies in a Heterogeneous Firms Framework: Evidence from Colombia.

WPS/2010-25 | PDF (182kB)
Francis Teal. Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa: a Review of Channels and Interactions.

WPS/2010-24 | PDF (165kB)
Yonas Alem and Måns Söderbom. Household-Level Consumption in Urban Ethiopia: The Impact of Food Price Inflation and Idiosyncratic Shocks.

WPS/2010-23 | PDF (248kB)
Bronwyn H. Hall and Christian Helmers. The role of patent protection in (clean/green) technology transfer.

WPS/2010-22 | PDF (395kB)
Jenny C. Aker, Christopher Ksoll and Travis J. Lybbert. ABC, 123: Can you text me now? The Impact of a Mobile Phone Literacy Program on Educational Outcomes.

WPS/2010-21 | PDF (324kB)
Abigail Barr, Marleen Dekker, Marcel Fafchamps. The formation of community based organizations in sub-saharan Africa: An analysis of a quasi-experiment.

WPS/2010-20 | PDF (191kB)
Margherita Comola and Marcel Fafchamps. Are Gifts and Loans between Households Voluntary?

WPS/2010-19 | PDF (140kB)
Marcel Fafchamps, David McKenzie, Simon Quinn, and Christopher Woodruff. Using PDA consistency checks to increase the precision of profits and sales measurement in panels.

WPS/2010-18 | PDF (260kB)
Chiara Cazzuffi and Alexander Moradi. Why Do Cooperatives Fail? Big versus Small in Ghanaian Cocoa Producers’ Societies, 1930-36.

WPS/2010-17 | PDF (142kB)
Alexander Moradi. Selective Mortality or Growth after Childhood? What Really is Key to Understand the Puzzlingly Tall Adult Heights in Sub-Saharan Africa.

WPS/2010-16 | PDF (365kB)
Monazza Aslam and Geeta Kingdon. Parental Education and Child Health – Understanding the Pathways of Impact in Pakistan.

WPS/2010-15 | PDF (365kB)
Paul Atherton and Geeta Kingdon. The relative effectiveness and costs of contract and regular teachers in India.

WPS/2010-14 | PDF (298kB)
Geeta Kingdon and Courtney Monk. Health, Nutrition and Academic Achievement: New Evidence from India.

WPS/2010-13 | PDF (638kB)
Christian Helmers and Manasa Patnam. Does the Rotten Child Spoil His Companion? Spatial Peer Effects Among Children in Rural India.

WPS/2010-12 | PDF (193kB)
Stefan Dercon and Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero. Triggers and Characteristics of the 2007 Kenyan Electoral Violence.

WPS/2010-11 | PDF (273kB)
Abigail Barr and Andrew Zeitlin. Dictator games in the lab and in nature: External validity tested and investigated in Ugandan primary schools.

WPS/2010-10 | PDF (118kB)
Pieter Serneels, Jose G. Montalvo, Gunilla Pettersson, Tomas Lievens, Jean Damascene Butera, and Aklilu Kidanu. Who Wants to Work in a Rural Health Post? The Role of Intrinsic Motivation, Rural Background and Faith-Based Institutions in Rwanda and Ethiopia.

WPS/2010-09 | PDF (319kB)
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero. Decentralization, Accountability and the 2007 MPs Elections in Kenya.

WPS/2010-08 | PDF (158kB)
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero. Occupational Choice and Inequality Traps.

WPS/2010-07 | PDF (260kB)
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero. The Dynamics of the Informal Economy.

WPS/2010-06 | PDF (238kB)
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero. The Role of Ethnic Identity and Economic Issues in the 2007 Kenyan Elections.

WPS/2010-05 | PDF (218kB)
Justin Sandefur. On the Evolution of the Firm Size Distribution in an African Economy.

WPS/2010-04 | PDF (95kB)
Danila Serra, Pieter Serneels, Abigail Barr. Intrinsic motivations and the non-profit health sector: Evidence from Ethiopia.

WPS/2010-03 | PDF (208kB)
Paolo Falco, Andrew Kerr, Neil Rankin, Justin Sandefur, Francis Teal. The returns to formality and informality in urban Africa.

WPS/2010-02 | PDF (180kB)
Neil Rankin, Justin Sandefur, Francis Teal. Learning & earning in Africa: Where are the returns to education high?

WPS/2010-01 | PDF (201kB)
Nicholas Nsowah-Nuamah, Francis Teal, Moses Awoonor-Williams. Jobs, Skills and Incomes in Ghana: How was poverty halved?


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WPS/2009-21 | PDF (264kB)
Arne Bigsten, Mulu Gebreeyesus, Måns Söderbom. Gradual Trade Liberalization and Firm Performance in Ethiopia.

WPS/2009-20 | PDF (361kB)
Orazio Attanasio, Abigail Barr, Juan Camilo Cardenas, Garance Genicot and Costas Meghir. Risk Pooling, Risk Preferences, and Social Networks.

WPS/2009-19 | PDF (212kB)
Cesar Calvo and Javier Romero. Informal Risk-Sharing and Poverty Persistence.

WPS/2009-18 | PDF (573kB)
Abigail Barr, Sophie Alvarez, Katherine Tehelen, Boru Douthwaite. Can we evaluate network brokerage initiatives using data that are byproducts of the network broking process?

WPS/2009-17 | PDF (163kB)
Abigail Barr, Marleen Dekker and Marcel Fafchamps. Bridging the gender divide: An experimental analysis of group formation in African villages.

WPS/2009-16 | PDF (245kB)
Nadir Altinok and Geeta Kingdon. New Evidence on Class Size Effects: A Pupil Fixed Effects Approach.

WPS/2009-15 | PDF (178kB)
David Stifel, Marcel Fafchamps and Bart Minten. Taboos, agriculture and poverty.

WPS/2009-14 | PDF (689kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Pedro C. Vicente. Political Violence and Social Networks: Experimental Evidence from a Nigerian Election.

WPS/2009-13 | PDF (184kB)
Margherita Comola and Marcel Fafchamps. Testing Unilateral and Bilateral Link Formation.

WPS/2009-12 | PDF (139kB)
Marcel Fafchamps. Household Separation and Child Well-Being.

WPS/2009-11 | PDF (139kB)
Marcel Fafchamps. Vulnerability, Risk Management, and Agricultural development.

WPS/2009-10 | PDF (166kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Alexander Moradi. Referral and Job Performance: Evidence from the Ghana Colonial Army.

WPS/2009-09 | PDF (227kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Forhad Shilpi. Determinants of the Choice of Migration Destination.

WPS/2009-08 | PDF (213kB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. Democracy’s Achilles Heel or, How to Win an Election without Really Trying.

WPS/2009-07 | PDF (248kB)
Markus Eberhardt and Francis Teal. Econometrics for Grumblers: A New Look at the Literature on Cross-Country Growth Empirics.

WPS/2009-06 | PDF (228kB)
Christopher Ksoll, Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria. Guns and Roses: The Impact of the Kenyan Post-Election Violence on Flower Exporting Firms.

WPS/2009-05 | PDF (446kB)
Markus Eberhardt and Francis Teal. A Common Factor Approach to Spatial Heterogeneity in Agricultural Productivity Analysis.

WPS/2009-04 | PDF (285kB)
Tessa Bold and Stefan Dercon. Contract Design in Insurance Groups.

WPS/2009-03 | PDF (183kB)
Paul Collier and Benedikt Goderis. Structural Policies for Shock-Prone Developing Countries.

WPS/2009-02 | PDF (234kB)
Abigail Barr et al. Homo Æqualis: A Cross-Society Experimental Analysis of Three Bargaining Games.

WPS/2009-01 | PDF (222kB)
Janine Aron and John N.J. Muellbauer. Some Issues in Modeling and Forecasting Inflation in South Africa


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WPS/2008-34 | PDF (176kB)
Lisa Chauvet and Paul Collier. Elections and Economic Policy in Developing Countries

WPS/2008-33 | PDF (106kB)
Bet Caeyers and Stefan Dercon. Political Connections and Social Networks in Targeted Transfer Programmes: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2008-32 | PDF (158kB)
Margaret Irving and Geeta Gandhi Kingdon. Gender patterns in household health expenditure allocation: A study of South Africa

WPS/2008-31 | PDF (299kB)
Jean-Louis Warnholz. Is investment in Africa low despite high profits?

WPS/2008-30 | PDF (226kB)
Mauro Caselli. Does wealth inequality reduce the gains from trade?

WPS/2008-29 | PDF (170kB)
Pieter Serneels and Tomas Lievens. Institutions for health care delivery: A formal exploration of what matters to health workers - evidence from Rwanda

WPS/2008-28 | PDF (188kB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Monetary Policy and Inflation Modeling in a more Open Economy in South Africa

WPS/2008-27 | PDF (348kB)
Janine Aron and John N. J. Muellbauer. Multi-sector inflation forecasting – quarterly models for South Africa

WPS/2008-26 | PDF (744kB)
Abigail Barr and Mattea Stein. Status and egalitarianism in traditional communities: An analysis of funeral attendance in six Zimbabwean villages

WPS/2008-25 | PDF (253kB)
Danila Serra. Combining Top-down and Bottom-up Accountability: Evidence from a Bribery Experiment

WPS/2008-24 | PDF (121kB)
Abigail Barr and Danila Serra. The effects of externalities and framing on bribery in a petty corruption experiment

WPS/2008-23 | PDF (173kB)
Abigail Barr and Danila Serra. Corruption and culture: An Experimental Analysis

WPS/2008-22 | PDF (693kB)
Danila Serra. Bargaining for bribes under uncertainty

WPS/2008-21 | PDF (505kB)
Catherine Porter and Natalie Naïri Quinn. Intertemporal Poverty Measurement: Tradeoffs and Policy Options

WPS/2008-20 | PDF (181kB)
Stephen R. Bond and Adeel Malik. Natural resources, export structure and investment

WPS/2008-19 | PDF (200kB)
Anke Hoeffler and Verity Outram. Need, Merit or Self-Interest – What Determines the Allocation of Aid?

WPS/2008-18 | PDF (151kB)
Stephen A. O’Connell, Christopher S. Adam and Edward F. Buffie. Aid and Fiscal Instability

WPS/2008-17 | PDF (231kB)
Pieter Serneels. Unemployment duration, job search and labour market segmentation Evidence from urban Ethiopia

WPS/2008-16 | PDF (695kB)
Paul Collier and Pedro C. Vicente. Votes and Violence: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nigeria

WPS/2008-15 | PDF (1.31MB)
Alex Sienaert. Some Child Cost Estimates for South Africa

WPS/2008-14 | PDF (183kB)
Abigail Barr, Marleen Dekker and Marcel Fafchamps. Risk Sharing Relations and Enforcement Mechanisms

WPS/2008-13 | PDF (236kB)
Alberto Behar and Phil Manners. Logistics and Exports

WPS/2008-12 | PDF (464kB)
Markus Eberhardt and Francis Teal. Modeling Technology and Technological Change in Manufacturing: How do Countries Differ?

WPS/2008-11 | PDF (284kB)
Benedikt Goderis and Samuel W. Malone. Natural Resource Booms and Inequality: Theory and Evidence

WPS/2008-10 | PDF (284kB) | dataset
Simon Baptist and Francis Teal. Why do South Korean firms produce so much more output per worker than Ghanaian ones?

WPS/2008-09 | PDF (518kB) | dataset
Simon Quinn and Francis Teal. Private sector development and income dynamics: A panel study of the Tanzanian labour market.

WPS/2008-08 | PDF (221kB) | dataset
Courtney Monk, Justin Sandefur and Francis Teal. Does Doing an Apprenticeship Pay Off? Evidence from Ghana.

WPS/2008-07 | PDF (160kB) | dataset
Godius Kahyarara and Francis Teal. The returns to vocational training and academic education: Evidence from Tanzania.

WPS/2008-06 | PDF (243kB)
Patrick Premand. Hurricane Mitch and consumption growth of Nicaraguan agricultural households

WPS/2008-05 | PDF (168kB)
Bereket Kebede. Interactions between short- and long-term health of children: A case from rural Ethiopia

WPS/2008-04 | PDF (415kB)
Alexander Moradi. Towards an Objective Account of Nutrition and Health in Colonial Kenya: A Study of Stature in African Army Recruits and Civilians, 1880-1980

WPS/2008-03 | PDF (173kB)
John Knight, Li Shi and Deng Quheng. The Curious Case of Son Preference and Household Income in Rural China

WPS/2008-02 | PDF (197kB)
John Knight, Li Shi and Deng Quheng. Education and the Poverty Trap in Rural China

WPS/2008-01 | PDF (77kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Bereket Kebede. Subjective well-being, disability and adaptation: A case study from rural Ethiopia


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WPS/2007-19 | PDF (131kB)
Abigail Barr and David Clark. A Multidimensional Analysis of Adaptation in a Developing Country Context

WPS/2007-18 | PDF (199kB)
Paul Collier and Benedikt Goderis. Does Aid Mitigate External Shocks?

WPS/2007-17 | PDF (684kB)
Abigail Barr and Garance Genicot. Risk Sharing, Commitment and Information: An experimental analysis

WPS/2007-16 | PDF (90kB)
Abigail Barr and Danila Serra. Externality and framing effects in a bribery experiment

WPS/2007-15 | PDF (272kB)
Paul Collier and Benedikt Goderis. Commodity Prices, Growth, and the Natural Resource Curse: Reconciling a Conundrum

WPS/2007-14 | PDF (368kB)
Monazza Aslam and Geeta Kingdon. What can Teachers do to Raise Pupil Achievement?

WPS/2007-13 | PDF (225kB)
Chris Elbersa, Jan Willem Gunning, and Lei Pan. Insurance and Rural Welfare: What Can Panel Data Tell Us?

WPS/2007-12 | PDF (180kB)
John Knight. China, South Africa and the Lewis Model

WPS/2007-11 | PDF (314kB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Inflation dynamics and trade openness: with an application to South Africa

WPS/2007-10 | PDF (219kB)
Tania Ajam and Janine Aron. Fiscal Renaissance in a Democratic South Africa

WPS/2007-09 | PDF (447kB)
Aderoju Oyefusi. Oil-dependence and Civil conflict in Nigeria

WPS/2007-08 | PDF (299kB)
Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt and Stefan Dercon. Orphanhood and the long-run impact on children

WPS/2007-07 | PDF (294kB)
Stefan Dercon and Daniel Ayalew. Land Rights, Power and Trees in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2007-06 | PDF (370kB)
Stefan Dercon and Luc Christiaensen. Consumption risk, technology adoption and poverty traps: evidence from Ethiopia

WPS/2007-05 | PDF (349kB)
Katleen Van den Broeck and Stefan Dercon. Social Interactions in Growing Bananas: Evidence from a Tanzanian Village

WPS/2007-04 | PDF (354kB)
Cesar Calvo and Stefan Dercon. Chronic Poverty and All That: The Measurement of Poverty over Time

WPS/2007-03 | PDF (288kB)
Cesar Calvo and Stefan Dercon. Vulnerability to Poverty

WPS/2007-02 | PDF (296kB)
Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt and Stefan Dercon. Adult Mortality and Consumption Growth in the Age of HIV/AIDS

WPS/2007-01 | PDF (273kB)
Stefan Dercon, Daniel O. Gilligan, John Hoddinott and Tassew Woldehanna. The impact of roads and agricultural extension on consumption growth and poverty in fifteen Ethiopian villages


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WPS/2006-15 | PDF (285kB)
Elizabeth J Z Robinson and Heidi J Albers. Parks, Buffer Zones, and Costly Enforcement

WPS/2006-14 | PDF (364kB)
Kang Tan. A pooled mean group analysis on aid and growth

WPS/2006-13 | PDF (135kB)
Phillip Killicoat. Weaponomics: The Economics of Small Arms

WPS/2006-12 | PDF (276kB)
Paul Collier, Anke Hoeffler and Måns Söderbom. Post-Conflict Risks

WPS/2006-11 | PDF (775kB)
Benedikt Goderis and Vasso P. Ioannidou. Do High Interest Rates Defend Currencies During Speculative Attacks? New evidence

WPS/2006-10 | PDF (262kB)
Paul Collier, Anke Hoeffler and Dominic Rohner. Beyond Greed and Grievance: Feasibility and Civil War

WPS/2006-09 | PDF (459kB)
Janine Aron, John Muellbauer and Johan Prinsloo. Towards Official Balance Sheet Estimates for South Africa’s Household Sector

WPS/2006-08 | PDF (565kB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Housing Wealth, Credit Conditions and Consumption

WPS/2006-07 | PDF (626kB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Review of Monetary Policy in South Africa since 1994

WPS/2006-06 | PDF (374kB)
Nazmul Chaudhury, Luc Christiaensen and Mohammad Niaz Asadullah. Schools, Household, Risk, and Gender: Determinants of Child Schooling in Ethiopia

WPS/2006-05 | PDF (747kB)
Bereket Kebede. Land reform distribution of land & institutions in rural Ethiopia: analysis of inequality with dirty data

WPS/2006-04 | PDF (356kB)
Edward Buffie, Christopher Adam, Stephen O'Connell and Catherine Patillo. Riding the Wave: Monetary Responses to Aid Surges in Low-Income Countries

WPS/2006-03 | PDF (296kB)
Elizabeth J Z Robinson, Heidi J Albers, and Jeffrey C Williams. Spatial and Temporal Modeling of Community Non-Timber Forest Extraction

WPS/2006-02 | PDF (242kB)
Marcel Fafchamps, Måns Söderbom and Najy Benhassine. Job Sorting in African Labor Markets

WPS/2006-01 | PDF (374kB)
Vegard Iversen, Cecile Jackson, Bereket Kebede, Alistair Munro and Arjan Verschoor. What’s love got to do with it ? An experimental test of household models in East Uganda


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WPS/2005-10 | PDF (121kB)
M Niaz Asadullah and Sanzidur Rahman. Farm productivity and efficiency in rural Bangladesh:The role of education revisited

WPS/2005-09 | PDF (330kB)
Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney and Kangni Kpodar. Financial Development, Financial Instability and Poverty

WPS/2005-08 | PDF (328kB)
Christopher Bowdler and Adeel Malik. Openness and inflation volatility: cross-country evidence

WPS/2005-07 | PDF (456kB)
Adeel Malik and Jonathan R W Temple. The Geography of Output Volatility

WPS/2005-06 | PDF (162kB)
Magnus Lindelow, Pieter Serneels and Teigist Lemma. The Performance of Health Workers in Ethiopia Results from Qualitative Research

WPS/2005-05 | PDF (302kB)
Abigail Barr and Truman G. Packard. Seeking solutions to Vulnerability in Old Age: Preferences, constraints, and alternatives for coverage under Peru’s pension system

WPS/2005-04 | PDF (367kB)
Janvier D. Nkurunziza. Credit Can Precipitate Firm Failure: Evidence from Kenyan Manufacturing in the 1990s

WPS/2005-03 | PDF (251kB)
Elizabeth J Z Robinson, Heidi J Albers, and Jeffrey C Williams. Analyzing the Impact of Excluding Rural People from Protected Forests: Spatial Resource Degradation and Rural Welfare

WPS/2005-02 | PDF (375kB)
Janvier D. Nkurunziza. Reputation and Credit without Collateral in Africa’s Formal Banking

WPS/2005-01 | PDF (380kB)
Janvier D. Nkurunziza. The Effect of Credit on Growth and Convergence of Firms in Kenyan Manufacturing


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WPS/2004-34 | PDF (273kB)
Scott Gates and Anke Hoeffler. Global Aid Allocation: Are Nordic Donors Different?

WPS/2004-33 | PDF (287kB)
Marcel Fafchamps. Manufacturing growth and agglomeration effects

WPS/2004-32 | PDF (261kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Said El Hamine. Firm productivity, wages, and agglomeration externalities

WPS/2004-31 | PDF (913kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Bart Minten. Insecurity and welfare

WPS/2004-30 | PDF (278kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Ruth Vargas Hill. Selling at the farm-gate or travelling to market

WPS/2004-29 | PDF (277kB)
Ssewanyana N S, Okidi A J, Angemi D, and Barungi V. Understanding the determinants of income inequality in Uganda

WPS/2004-28 | PDF (303kB)
Elizabeth J Z Robinson. Land Encroachment: India’s Disappearing Common Lands

WPS/2004-27 | PDF (280kB)
Stefan Dercon, Tessa Bold, Joachim De Weerdt and Alula Pankhurst. Group-based Funeral Insurance in Ethiopia and Tanzania

WPS/2004-26 | PDF (248kB)
Jishnu Das, Stefan Dercon, James Habyarimana, Pramila Krishnan. Teacher Shocks and Student Learning: Evidence from Zambia

WPS/2004-25 | PDF (1.1MB)
Jishnu Das, Stefan Dercon, James Habyarimana, Pramila Krishnan. When Can School Inputs Improve Test Scores?

WPS/2004-24 | PDF (156kB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Revised Estimates of Personal Sector Wealth
for South Africa

WPS/2004-23 | PDF (205kB)
Abigail Barr and Marcel Fafchamps. A client-community assessment of the NGO sector in Uganda

WPS/2004-22 | PDF (370kB)
Abigail Barr. Rational and Biased Trust

WPS/2004-21 | PDF (173kB)
Geeta G Kingdon and John Knight. Community, Comparisons and Subjective Well-being in a Divided Society

WPS/2004-20 | PDF (192kB)
Elizabeth J Z Robinson. Wanted dead and alive: Are hunting and protection of endangered species compatible?

WPS/2004-19 | PDF (423kB)
Janvier D. Nkurunziza. How long can inflation tax compensate for the loss of government revenue in war economies? Evidence From Burundi

WPS/2004-18 | PDF (278kB)
Abigail Barr and Pieter Serneels. Wages and Reciprocity in the Workplace

WPS/2004-17 | PDF (458kB)
Romain Houssa. Monetary Union in West Africa and Asymmetric Shocks: A Dynamic Structural Factor Model

WPS/2004-16 | PDF (185kB)
Francis Teal and Marcella Vigneri. Production changes in ghana cocoa farming households under market reforms

WPS/2004-15 | PDF (352kB)
Marijke Verpoorten and Lode Berlage. Genocide and land scarcity: Can Rwandan rural households manage?

WPS/2004-14 | PDF (577kB)
Steven N. Durlauf and Marcel Fafchamps. Social Capital

WPS/2004-13 | PDF (343kB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. Military Expenditure in Post-Conflict Societies

WPS/2004-12 | PDF (466kB)
Magnus Lindelow, Understanding spatial variation in the utilization of health services: does quality matter?

WPS/2004-11 | PDF (482kB)
Magnus Lindelow, The Utilization of Curative Health Care in Mozambique: Does Income Matter?

WPS/2004-10 | PDF (299kB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler, Murder by Numbers: Socio-Economic Determinants of Homicide and Civil War

WPS/2004-09 | PDF (337kB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer,Construction of CPIX Data for Forecasting and Modelling in South Africa

WPS/2004-08 | PDF (460kB)
Janine Aron, John Muellbauer and Benjamin Smit, A Structural Model of the Inflation Process in South Africa

WPS/2004-07 | PDF (566kB)
Janine Aron, John Muellbauer and Coen Pretorius, A Framework for Forecasting the Components of the
Consumer Price Index: application to South Africa

WPS/2004-06 | PDF (472kB)
Abigail Barr, Marcel Fafchamps and Trudy Owens, The Resources and Governance of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda

WPS/2004-05 | PDF (501kB)
Alan Harding, Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal, Survival and Success among African Manufacturing Firms

WPS/2004-04 | PDF (532kB)
Alberto Behar and Lawrence Edwards, Estimating elasticities of demand and supply for South African manufactured exports using a vector error correction model

WPS/2004-03 | reference
Manos Antoninis, The wage effects from the use of personal contacts as hiring channels

WPS/2004-02 | PDF (883kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Måns Söderbom,  Wages and Labor Management in African Manufacturing

WPS/2004-01 | PDF (493kB)
Pieter Serneels, The Nature of Unemployment in Urban Ethiopia


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WPS/2003-17 | PDF (289kB)
Måns Söderbom, Francis Teal, Anthony Wambugu and Godius Kahyarara, The Dynamics of Returns to Education in Kenyan and Tanzanian Manufacturing

WPS/2003-16 | PDF (303kB)
Geeta G Kingdon and John Knight, Well-being poverty versus income poverty and capabilities poverty?

WPS/2003-15 | PDF (497kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Bart Minten, Public Service Provision, User Fees, and Political Turmoil

WPS/2003-14 | PDF (623kB)
Marcel Fafchamps, Ruth Vargas Hill, Aliziki Kaudha and Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, The transmission of international commodity prices to domestic producers

WPS/2003-13 | PDF (514kB)
Geeta G Kingdon, Where has all the bias gone? Detecting gender-bias in the household allocation of educational expenditure

WPS/2003-12 | PDF (422kB)
Stefan Dercon, Growth and Shocks: evidence from rural Ethiopia

WPS/2003-11 | PDF (343kB)
Abigail Barr, Magnus Lindelow and Pieter Serneels, To serve the community or oneself: the public servant's dilemma

WPS/2003-10 | PDF (803kB)
Bereket Kebede, Genetic Endowments, Parental and Child Health in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2003-09 | PDF (713kB)
Bereket Kebede, Decomposition of Household Expenditure and Child Welfare in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2003-08 | PDF (2.4MB)
Bereket Kebede, Intra-household Distribution of Expenditures in Rural Ethiopia: A Demand Systems Approach

WPS/2003-07 | PDF (422kB)
Mattia Romani, The impact of extension services in times of crisis: Côte d’Ivoire (1997-2000)

WPS/2003-06 | PDF (469kB)
Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal, Openness and Human Capital as Sources of Productivity Growth: An Empirical Investigation

WPS/2003-05 | PDF (495kB)
Abigail Barr, Risk Pooling, Commitment, and Information: An experimental test of two fundamental assumptions

WPS/2003-04 | PDF (335kB)
Daniel Ayalew, Risk-sharing networks among households in rural Ethiopia

WPS/2003-03 | PDF (233kB)
Janvier D. Nkurunziza and Robert H. Bates, Political Institutions and Economic Growth in Africa

WPS/2003-02 | PDF (386kB)
Christopher S. Adam and David L. Bevan,  Aid, Public Expenditure and Dutch Disease

WPS/2003-01 | PDF (263kB)
Stefan Dercon and Pramila Krishnan, Food Aid and Informal Insurance


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WPS/2002-23 | PDF (406kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Bart Minten. Crime and Poverty: Evidence From a Natural Experiment

WPS/2002-22 | PDF (328kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Agnes Quisumbing. Assets at Marriage in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2002-21 | PDF (286kB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Agnes Quisumbing. Marriage and Assortative Matching in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2002-20 | PDF (1.5MB)
Marcel Fafchamps. Ethnicity and Networks in African Trade

WPS/2002-19 | PDF (167kB)
John Pender and Marcel Fafchamps. Land Lease Markets and Agricultural Efficiency: Theory and Evidence from Ethiopia

WPS/2002-18 | PDF (1.7MB)
Marcel Fafchamps, Eleni Gabre-Madhin and Bart Minten. Increasing Returns and Market Efficiency in Agricultural Trade

WPS/2002-17 | PDF (455kB)
Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, and John Mackinnon. Density versus Quality in Health Care Provision: Using Household Data to Make Budgetary Choices in Ethiopia

WPS/2002-16 | PDF (716kB)
Stefan Dercon and Joachim De Weerdt. Risk-Sharing Networks and Insurance Against Illness

WPS/2002-15 | PDF (430kB)
Magnus Lindelow. Sometimes More Equal than Others - How the choice of welfare indicator can affect the measurement of health inequalities and the incidence of public spending

WPS/2002-14 | PDF (240kB)
Pieter Serneels. The Added Worker Effect and Intrahousehold Aspects of Unemployment

WPS/2002-13 | PDF (362kB)
Pieter Serneels. Explaining Non-Negative Duration Dependence Among the Unemployed

WPS/2002-12 | PDF (2,187kB)
John Cockburn. Income Contributions of Child Work in Rural Ethiopia

WPS/2002-11 | PDF (341kB)
John Cockburn. Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in Nepal: A Computable General Equilibrium Micro Simulation Analysis

WPS/2002-10 | PDF (762kB)
John McArthur and Francis Teal . Corruption and Firm Performance in Africa

WPS/2002-09 | PDF (435kB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Marcel Fafchamps, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Catherine Pattillo, Måns Söderbom, Francis Teal and Albert Zeufack. Do African Manufacturing Firms Learn from Exporting?

WPS/2002-08 | PDF (408kB)
Måns Söderbom, Francis Teal and Anthony Wambugu. Does firm size really affect earnings?

WPS/2002-07 | PDF (363kB)
Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal. Size and Efficiency in African Manufacturing Firms: Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data

WPS/2002-06 | PDF (159kB)
Geeta Kingdon and Francis Teal. Does performance related pay for teachers improve student performance? Some evidence from India.

WPS/2002-05 | PDF (168kB)
Abigail Barr and Bill Kinsey. Do men really have no shame?

WPS/2002-04 | reference
Janine Aron and J Muellbauer. Interest Rate Effects on Output: Evidence from a GDP Forecasting Model for South Africa.

WPS/2002-03 | PDF (549kB)
Janvier D. Nkurunziza and Floribert Ngaruko. Explaining growth in Burundi: 1960-2000.

WPS/2002-02 | PDF (924kB)
Marcel Fafchamps, Said El Hamine and Albert Zeufack. Learning to export: evidence from Moroccan manufacturing.

WPS/2002-01 | PDF (368kB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. Greed and Grievance in Civil War


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WPS/2001.21  | pdf (422KB)
Francis Teal. Education, incomes, poverty and inequality in Ghana in the 1990s.

WPS/2001.20  | pdf (953KB)
Anselme Adegbidi, Esaie Gandonou, and Remco Oostendorp. Measuring the Productivity from Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation Technologies with Household Fixed Effects: A Case-Study of Hilly Mountainous Areas of Benin.

WPS/2001.19  | reference
Fred Zaal and Remco H Oostendorp. Explaining a miracle. Intensification and the Transition Towards Sustainable Small-Scale Agriculture in Dryland Machakos and Kitui Districts, Kenya.

WPS/2001.18  | pdf (240KB)
Geeta Kingdon and John Knight. Race and the Incidence of Unemployment in South Africa

WPS/2001.17  | pdf (217KB)
David Stasavage. Electoral Competition and Public Spending on Education: Evidence from African Countries.

WPS/2001.16  | pdf (815KB)
Giulio Federico. Samaritans, Rotten Kids and Policy Conditionality

WPS/2001.15 | pdf (269KB)
Geeta Gandhi Kingdon and John Knight.Unemployment in South Africa: the nature of the beast.

WPS/2001.14 | pdf (274KB)
Mans Soderbom and Francis Teal. Are African manufacturing firms really inefficient? Evidence from firm-level panel data.

WPS/2001.13 | pdf (256KB)
Germano M. Mwabu and Stephen A. O'Connell. Health maintenance by workers in rural and urban production structures.

WPS/2001.12 | pdf (179KB)
Abigail Barr. Trust and expected trustworthiness: an experimental investigation.

WPS/2001.11 | pdf (235KB)
Abigail Barr: Social dilemmas and shame-based sanctions: experimental results from rural Zimbabwe.

WPS/2001.10 | pdf (451KB)
Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal. Trade and human capital as determinants of growth.

WPS/2001.9 | pdf (296KB)
Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal. Firm size and human capital as determinants of productivity and earnings.

WPS/2001.8 | pdf (326KB)
Stefan Dercon. Economic reform, growth and the poor: evidence from rural Ethiopia.

WPS/2001.7 reference
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Estimating monetary policy rules for South Africa.

WPS/2001.6 | pdf (156KB)
Trudy Owens, John Hoddinott and Bill Kinsey. The impact of agricultural extension on farm production in resettlement areas of Zimbabwe.

WPS/2001.5 | pdf (208KB)
David Fielding. Why is Africa so poor? A structural model of economic development and income inequality.

WPS/2001.4 | pdf (112KB)
David Fielding. Human rights, political instability and investment in South Africa: a note.

WPS/2001.3 | pdf (205KB)
Jean-Paul Azam. The redistributive state and conflicts in Africa

WPS/2001.2 | pdf (218KB)
Jean-Paul Azam. Inflation and macroeconomic instability in Madagascar.

WPS/2001.1 | pdf (181KB)
Jean-Paul Azam, Marie-Françoise Calmettea, Catherine Loustalana, and Christine Maurel. Domestic competition and export performance of manufacturing firms in Côte d’Ivoire


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WPS/2000.28 | pdf (3.1MB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Agnes R. Quisumbing. Assets at marriage in rural Ethiopia.

WPS/2000.27 | pdf (198KB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Agnes R. Quisumbing. Control and ownership of assets within rural Ethiopian households.

WPS/2000.26 | pdf (241KB)
Stefan Dercon. Income risk, coping strategies and safety nets.

WPS/2000.25 | pdf (158KB)
Danial Ayalew, Stefan Dercon and Pramila Krishnan. Demobilisation, land and household livelihoods: lessons from Ethiopia.

WPS/2000.24 | pdf (257KB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Marcel Fafchamps, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Måns Söderbom, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Cathy Pattillo, Francis Teal, and Albert Zeufack. Credit constraints in manufacturing enterprises in Africa.

WPS/2000.23  | pdf (352KB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Inflation and output forecasts for South Africa: monetary transmission implications.

WPS/2000.22 | pdf (335KB)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Financial liberalisation, consumption and debt in South Africa.

WPS/2000.21 reference
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer. Personal and corporate saving in South Africa.

WPS/2000.20 | pdf (194KB)
Jean-Louis Arcand, Patrick Guillaumont and Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney. Ethnicity, communication and growth.

WPS/2000.19 | pdf (432KB)
Christopher S.  Adam and Stephen A. O'Connell. Aid versus trade revisited.

WPS/2000.18 | pdf (318KB)
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. Greed and grievance in civil war.

WPS/2000.17 | pdf (265KB)
Catherine Pattillo and Måns Söderbom. Managerial risk attitudes and firm performance in Ghanaian manufacturing: an empirical analysis based on experimental data.

WPS/2000.16 | pdf (248KB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Marcel Fafchamps, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Jean Habarurema, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Catherine Pattillo, Måns Söderbom, Francis Teal and Albert Zeufack. Exports and firm-level efficiency in African manufacturing.

WPS/2000.15 | pdf (193KB)
Sharada Weir. Intergenerational transfers of human capital: evidence on two types of education externalities.

WPS/2000.14 | pdf (331KB)
Margaret S. McMillan and William A. Masters. Africa's growth trap: a political-economy model of taxation, R&D and investment.

WPS/2000.13 | pdf (558KB)
Margaret S. McMillan and William A. Masters. Climate and scale in economic growth.

WPS/2000.12 | pdf (745KB)
Jan Dehn. Commodity price uncertainty in developing countries.

WPS/2000.11 | pdf (349KB)
Jan Dehn. Private investment in developing countries: the effects of commodity shocks and uncertainty.

WPS/2000.10 | pdf (377KB)
Jan Dehn. Commodity price uncertainty and shocks: implications for economic growth.

WPS/2000.9 | pdf (250KB)
Abigail Barr and Abena Oduro. Ethnicity and wage determination in Ghana.

WPS/2000.8 | pdf (720KB)
Mans Soderbom and Francis Teal. Skills, investment and exports from manufacturing firms in Africa.

WPS/2000.7 | pdf (267KB)
Pramila Krishnan. Public sector pay and private sector wage premiums: testing alternative models of wage determination.

WPS/2000.6 | pdf (331KB)
Francis Teal. Private sector wages and poverty in Ghana: 1988-1998.

WPS/2000.5 | pdf (405KB)
Sharada Weir and John Knight. Adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations in Ethiopia: the role of Education.

WPS/2000.4 | pdf (265KB)
Sharada Weir and John Knight. Education externalities in rural Ethiopia: evidence from average and stochastic frontier production functions.

WPS/2000.3 | pdf (447KB)
David Fielding and Kalvinder Shields. Is the Franc Zone an Optimal Currency Area?

WPS/2000.2 | pdf (254KB)
Geeta Kingdon and John Knight. Are searching and non-searching unemployment distinct states when unemployment is high? The case of South Africa.

WPS/2000.1 | pdf (1.04MB)
Sharada Weir. Concealed preferences: parental attitudes to education and enrolment choice in rural Ethiopia.


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WPS/99.26 | pdf (664KB)
Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. An economic model of the Ethiopian farm household

WPS/99.25 | pdf (115KB)
Marcel Fafchamps and Bart Minten. Property rights in a flea market economy

WPS/99.24 | pdf (98KB)
Marcel Fafchamps. Networks, communities and markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: implications for firm growth and investment

WPS/99.23 | pdf (474KB)
Abigail Barr. Familiarity and trust: an experimental investigation

WPS/99.22 | pdf (218KB)
Simon Appleton with Tom Emwanu, Johnson Kagugube and James Muwonge. Changes in poverty in Uganda, 1992-1997

WPS/99.21 | pdf (454KB)
William Cavendish. Empirical regularities in the poverty-environment relationship of African rural households

WPS/99.20 | pdf (137KB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Marcel Fafchamps, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Cathy Pattillo, Mans Soderbom, Francis Teal and Albert Zeufack. Contract flexibility and dispute resolution in African manufacturing

WPS/99.19 | pdf (140KB)
Marcel Fafchamps, Jan Willem Gunning and Remco Oostendorp. Inventories and risk in African manufacturing

WPS/99.18 | pdf (232KB)
Paul Collier and Jan Willem Gunning. The IMF's role in structural adjustment

WPS/99.17 | pdf (146KB)
John Muellbauer and Janine Aron. Estimates of personal sector wealth for South Africa

WPS/99.16 | pdf file (2.7MB)
Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. Compulsory grain delivery, crop prices and the dynamics of crop supply

WPS/99.15 reference
Janine Aron. A Recent History of Zambia's Management of Copper Price Shocks

WPS/99.14 | pdf (134KB)
Jan Willem Gunning, John Hoddinott, Bill Kinsey and Trudy Owens. Revisiting forever gained: income dynamics in the resettlement areas of Zimbabwe, 1983-1997

WPS/99.13 | pdf (563KB)
Janine Aron and Ibrahim Elbadawi. Reflections on the South African rand crisis of 1996 and policy consequences

WPS/99.12 | pdf (186KB)
Geeta Kingdon and John Knight. Unemployment and wages in South Africa: a spatial approach

WPS/99.11 | pdf (212KB)
David Stasavage and Dambisa Moyo. Are cash budgets a cure for excess fiscal deficits (and at what cost)?

WPS/99.10 | pdf (57KB)
Francis Teal. Why can Mauritius export manufactures and Ghana not?

WPS/99.9 | pdf (209KB)
William Cavendish. Poverty, inequality and environmental resources: quantitative analysis of rural households.

WPS/99.8 | pdf (297KB)
William Cavendish. The complexity of the commons: environmental resource demands in rural Zimbabwe.

WPS/99.7 | pdf (247KB)
Sharada Weir. The effects of education on farmer productivity in rural Ethiopia.

WPS/99.6 | pdf (111 KB)
Simon Appleton, Arne Bigsten and Damiano Kulundu Manda. Educational expansion and economic decline: returns to education in Kenya, 1978-1995.

WPS/99.5 | pdf (161KB)
Jean-Paul Azam, Shantayanan Devarajan and Stephen A. O'Connell. Aid dependence reconsidered.

WPS/99.4 | pdf (295KB)
Trudy Owens and John Hoddinott. Investing in development or investing in relief: quantifying the
poverty tradeoffs using Zimbabwe household panel data.

WPS/99.3 | pdf (96KB)
Stephen A. O'Connell and Charles C. Soludo. Aid intensity in Africa.

WPS/99.2 | pdf (208KB)
Dominique Guillaume and David Stasavage. Making and breaking monetary policy rules: the experience of African countries.

WPS/99.1 | pdf (220KB)
John Mackinnon. Food storage, multiple equilibria and instability: why stable markets may become unstable during food crises.


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WPS/98.21 | pdf (196KB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Marcel Fafchamps, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Cathy Pattillo, Mans Soderbom, Francis Teal and Albert Zeufack. Contract flexibility and conflict resolution: evidence from African manufacturing

WPS/98.20 | pdf (845KB)
Taye Mengistae. Wage rates and job queues: does the public sector overpay in Ethiopia?

WPS/98.19 | pdf (1MB)
Taye Mengistae. Skill formation and job matching effects in wage growth: the case of manufacturing workers in Ethiopia

WPS/98.18 | pdf (154KB)
Philip Keefer and David Stasavage. When does delegation improve credibility? Central Bank independence and the separation of powers

WPS/98.17 | pdf (86KB)
Francis Teal. The Ghanaian manufacturing sector 1991-1995: firm growth, productivity and convergence

WPS/98.16 | pdf (142KB)
John Mackinnon. Can robust pro-female policies be identified when the true model of the household is unknown?

WPS/98.15 (updated as WPS/99.22)
Simon Appleton. Changes in poverty in Uganda, 1992-1996

WPS/98.14 | pdf file (2.2MB)
Richard Mash. The Investment Response to Temporary Commodity Price Shocks

WPS/98.13 | pdf file (1.6MB)
Richard Mash. The Investment Response to Imperfectly Credible Trade Liberalisation with Endogenous Probability of Reversal

WPS/98.12 | pdf (90KB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Marcel Fafchamps, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Anders Isaksson, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Cathy Pattillo, Mans Soderbom, Francis Teal and Albert Zeufack. Rates of return on physical and human capital in Africa's manufacturing sector

WPS/98.11 reference
Janine Aron. Policy rules and bidding behaviour in the Ethiopian foreign exchange auction

WPS/98.10 | pdf (167KB)
Bart Capeau and Stefan Dercon. Prices, local measurement units and subsistence consumption in rural surveys: an econometric approach with an application to Ethiopia

WPS/98.9 | pdf (156KB)
Pramila Krishnan, Tesfaye Gebre Selassie and Stefan Dercon. The urban labour market during structural adjustment: Ethiopia 1990-1997

WPS/98.8 | pdf (43KB)
Paul Collier. The political economy of ethnicity

WPS/98.7 | pdf (212KB)
Stefan Dercon and Pramila Krishnan. Changes in poverty in rural Ethiopia 1989-1995: measurement, robustness tests and decomposition

WPS/98.6 | pdf (284KB) (abstract in English and French)
Christophe Muller. The measurement of dynamic poverty with geographical and intertemporal price variability: evidence from Rwanda

WPS/98.5 Reference
Janine Aron and Melvin Ayogu. Efficiency tests in Sub-Saharan African foreign exchange markets

WPS/98.4 Reference
Janine Aron. Political, economic and social institutions: a review of growth evidence

WPS/98.3 | pdf (285KB) | dataset
N.M. Henstridge. The reconstruction of a macroeconomic dataset for Uganda

WPS/98.2 | pdf (343KB)
Patricia Jones. The impact of minimum wage legislation in developing countries where coverage is incomplete

WPS/98.1 | pdf (60KB)
Abigail M. Barr. Enterprise performance and the functional diversity of social capital


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WPS/97.16 Reference
Janine Aron, Ibrahim Elbadawi and Brian Kahn. Determinants of the real exchange rate in South Africa

WPS/97.15 reference
Janine Aron. Africa in the 1990s: the institutional foundations of growth

WPS/97.14 | pdf (374KB)
Carolyn Jenkins. Economic objectives, public sector deficits and macroeconomic stability in Zimbabwe

WPS/97.13 reference
Carolyn Jenkins. The politics of economic policy-making in Zimbabwe after Independence

WPS/97.12 | pdf (276KB)
Pramila Krishnan and Stefan Dercon. In sickness and in health... risk-sharing within households in rural Ethiopia

WPS/97.11 | pdf (113KB)
Arne Bigsten, Paul Collier, Stefan Dercon, Bernard Gauthier, Jan Willem Gunning, Anders Isaksson, Abena Oduro, Remco Oostendorp, Cathy Pattilo, Mans Soderbom, Michel Sylvain, Francis Teal, Albert Zeufack. Investment in Africa's manufacturing sector: a four-country panel data analysis

WPS/97.10 | pdf (77KB)
Francis Teal. Real wages and the demand for skilled and unskilled male labour in Ghana's manufacturing sector: 1991-1995

WPS/97.9 | pdf (224KB)
Christophe Muller and Gauthier Lanot. Dualistic sector choice and female labour supply: evidence from formal and informal sectors in Cameroon

WPS/97.8 | pdf (431KB)
Christophe Muller. Transient seasonal and chronic poverty of peasants: evidence from Rwanda

WPS/97.7 | pdf (175KB)
Christophe Muller. The consequences of past agricultural output on interacting nutrition and health of autarkic peasants: evidence from Rwanda

WPS/97.6 | pdf file (1.4MB)
Richard Mash. Reversible reforms with irreversible capital: the investment response to imperfectly credible trade liberalisation

WPS/97.5 | pdf file (4.0MB) | reference
Christopher S. Adam and Stephen A. O'Connell. Aid, taxation and development: analytical perspectives on aid effectiveness in Sub-Saharan Africa

WPS/97.4 reference
Carolyn Jenkins. Post-Independence economic policy and investment in Zimbabwe

WPS/97.3 | pdf file (2.7MB) | reference
Carolyn Jenkins and Lynne Thomas. Is Southern Africa ready for regional monetary integration?

WPS/97.2.2 | pdf file (192KB) | reference
Paul Collier and Jan Willem Gunning. Explaining African economic performance

WPS/97.1 reference
John Knight. Labour market policies and outcomes in Zimbabwe


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WPS/96.12 | pdf (134KB)
Willem Naude. Financial liberalisation and interest rate risk management in Sub-Saharan Africa

WPS/96.11 | pdf (91KB)
John Mackinnon. Small and large price reforms

WPS/96.10 | pdf (174KB)
Richard Mash. Supply flexibility and insurance under commodity market instability

WPS/96.9 | pdf (639KB)
Catherine Pattillo. The effects of regime-switching uncertainty on irreversible investment decisions

WPS/96.8 | pdf file (4.0MB) | reference
Stefan Dercon. Wealth, risk and activity choices: cattle in Western Tanzania

WPS/96.7 | pdf file (1.8MB) | reference
Simon Appleton, John Hoddinott and Pramila Krishnan. The gender wage gap in three African countries

WPS/96.6 | pdf file (5.5MB)
Carolyn Jenkins, Michael Bleaney and Merle Holden. Trade liberalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: case study of South Africa

WPS/96.5 | pdf file (2.9MB) | reference
Simon Appleton and Arsene Balihuta. Education and agricultural productivity: evidence from Uganda

WPS/96.4 | pdf (1.1MB)
Paul Collier and Jan Willem Gunning. Trade liberalisation and the composition of investment: theory and African application

WPS/96.3 | pdf file (1.6MB)
Andre Croppenstesdt and Mulat Demeke. Determinants of adoption and levels of demand for fertiliser for cereal growing farmers in Ethiopia

WPS/96.2 | pdf (361KB)
Taye Mengistae. Age-size effects in productive efficiency: a second test of the passive learning model

WPS/96.1 | pdf file (2.5MB) | reference
Chris Adam. A note on private sector asset portfolios in developing economies: econometric estimates from the Kenyan economy


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WPS/95.19 | pdf (83KB)
Francis Teal. Does "getting prices right" work? Micro evidence from Ghana

WPS/95.18 | pdf (255KB)
Meshack Tjirongo. Short-term stabilization versus long-term price stability: evaluating Namibia's membership of the Common Monetary Area

WPS/95.17 | pdf (60KB)
Francis Teal. Efficiency wages and rent sharing: a note and some empirical findings

WPS/95.16 pdf (88KB)
Paul Collier and Ashish Garg. On kin groups and employment in Africa

WPS/95.14 | pdf file (2.3MB) | reference
Simon Appleton. Woman-headed households and poverty: an empirical deconstruction for Kenya

WPS/95.13 | pdf file (2.7MB) | reference
Carolyn Jenkins and Willem Naudé. The case for reciprocity in South African / European trade relations

WPS/95.12 | pdf file (2.8MB) | reference
Pramila Krishnan and Stefan Dercon . Income portfolios in rural Ethiopia and Tanzania: choices and constraints

WPS/95.11 | pdf (783KB)
Abigail M. Barr. The missing factor: entrepreneurial networks, enterprises and economic growth in Ghana

WPS/95.10 | pdf file (12MB)
Philippa Bevan and Achilles Ssewaya. Understanding poverty in Uganda: adding a sociological dimension

WPS/95.9 | pdf (116KB)
John Mackinnon. Health as an informational good: the determinants of child nutrition and mortality during political and economic recovery in Uganda

WPS/95.8 | pdf (63KB)
Paul Collier. Civil war and the economies of the peace dividend

WPS/95.7 | pdf (89KB)
Francis Teal. Real wages and the demand for labour in Ghana's manufacturing sector

WPS/95.6 | pdf file (2.1MB) | Reference
Francis Teal. The size and sources of economic rents in a developing country manufacturing labour market

WPS/95.5 | pdf file (3.4MB) | Reference
Stefan Dercon Lulseged Ayalew. Smuggling and supply response: coffee in Ethiopia

WPS/95.4 | pdf (153KB)
Simon Appleton. The rich are just like us only richer: poverty functions or consumption functions?

WPS/95.3 | pdf file (2.3MB) | Reference
Simon Appleton. Socio-economic factors, fertility and its proximate determinants in Côte d'Ivoire

WPS/95.2 | pdf file (2.1MB) | Reference
Simon Appleton. The impact of public services on health care and morbidity: evidence from Kenya

WPS/95.1 | pdf file (2.7MB) | Reference
Simon Appleton. Problems of measuring changes in poverty over time: the case of Uganda 1989 - 1992


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WPS/94.18 | pdf file (5.9KB)
Roberto Tibana. Mozambique commodity and policy shocks: terms of trade changes, the Socialist `Big-Push', and the response of the economy (1975-86)

WPS/94.17 reference
John Hoddinott Lawrence Haddad. Does female income share influence household expenditures? evidence from Côte d'Ivoire

WPS/94.16 reference
Stefan Dercon. Foods markets, liberalization and peace in Ethiopia: an econometric analysis

WPS/94.15 | pdf file (2.3MB) | reference
Ann Velenchik. Apprenticeship contracts and credit markets in Ghana

WPS/94.14 | pdf file (2.6MB) | reference
Christopher Adam. Financial liberalization and inflation dynamics: some evidence from Zambia

WPS/94.13 | pdf file (2.4MB)
Abigail M. Barr. The structure of society as a determinant of economic growth

WPS/94.12 | pdf (107kb)
Patricia Jones. Are manufacturing workers really worth their pay?

WPS/94.11 | pdf file (2.9MB) | reference
Ritva Reinikka. The welfare cost of speculation during Kenyan trade reforms

WPS/94.10 | pdf file (2.6MB)
Ritva Reinikka. How to identify trade liberalization episodes: an empirical study on Kenya

WPS/94.9 | pdf file (3.1MB)
Andrew McKay and Alemayehu Taffesse. Rationing and peasant household behaviour: a comparative static analysis

WPS/94.8 | pdf file (2.3MB) | reference
Pramila Krishnan. Family background, education and employment in urban Ethiopia

WPS/94.7 | pdf file (1.9MB) | reference
David Bevan. Fiscal aspects of the transition from war to peace

WPS/94.6 | pdf file (2.8MB) | reference
David Fielding. Central Bank policy and determination of prices: the case of Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire


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WPS/93.5 | pdf file (1.9MB)
Kees Burger, Paul Collier and Jan Willem Gunning. Social learning: an application to Kenyan agriculture

WPS/93.4 | pdf file (1.7MB) | reference
Carolyn Jenkins and Charles Harvey. Taxation, risk and real interest rates

WPS/93.3 | pdf file (2.7MB) | reference
John Hoddinott. Wages and unemployment in urban Côte d'Ivoire

WPS/93.2 | pdf file (1.4MB) | reference
Stefan Dercon. Risk, crop choice and savings: evidence from Tanzania

WPS/93.1 | pdf file (1.8MB)
Christopher Adam. Testing for regime shifts in short-sample African macroeconomic data: a survey of some Monte Carlo evidence

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