Structural Macro-Modelling of the South African Economy

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Principal Researchers:
Dr. Janine Aron (CSAE, Department of Economics, Oxford University)
Prof. John Muellbauer (Official Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford University)
Prof. Brian Kahn (Senior Deputy Head, Research Department, South African Reserve Bank)
Dr. Coen Pretorius (Senior Economist, Macro-Models Unit, South African Reserve Bank)
Mr. Johan Prinsloo (Senior Economist, Research Department, South African Reserve Bank)
Prof. Ben Smit (Director, Bureau for Economic Research, Stellenbosch University)

Our research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Department for International Development(DFID). The research on this website was funded by the ESRC Grant RES-000-22-2066: "New methods for forecasting inflation and its sub-components: Applications to the UK, USA and South Africa.”; and three consecutive projects funded by DFID: (i) "New Monetary Policy Challenges for Sustainable Growth in South Africa" (Grant R7291, awarded as outstanding by DFID); (ii) “Governance and inflation targeting in South Africa for sustainable growth” (Grant R7911); and (iii) "Monetary policy, growth and stability in Sub-Saharan Africa" (Grant R8311). The projects, based in the CSAE, Department of Economics, Oxford, have developed strong links with the South African Reserve Bank and the Bureau for Economic Research.