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The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) is a partner in the Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP). RECOUP is one of three Education Research Programme Consortia (RPCs) established by the Department for International Development (DFID). Established in October 2005, RECOUP is headed by the Centre for Commonwealth Education, University of Cambridge, under the directorship of Professor Christopher Colclough. This RPC comprises a partnership between seven institutions, three from the UK and four from developing countries:

The agenda comprises research on the effects of education on three categories of outcomes: (a) social and life outcomes (subjective well-being, cognitive, attitudinal, health, fertility); (b) economic outcomes; and (c) outcomes of different forms of funding for education. The research agenda will be addressed via both quantitative and qualitative studies and the generation of knowledge will be based on new data being collected. Innovative comparable household surveys are underway or completed in the countries where our partners are based.  Apart from the usual demographic factors, the surveys include detailed questions on education and quality of education (including retrospective questions) as well as measuring cognitive skills, ability, health knowledge, health status, labour market outcomes and subjective well-being.

In 2006-08, RECOUP members at CSAE provided technical support for household surveys in Ghana, Pakistan and India. They also ran quantitative methods workshops for capacity building in partner countries.  Research findings on work completed under the RPC were presented at the UKFIET conference ‘Going for Growth: School, Community, Economy, Nation’ at Oxford in September 2007. Work has since then also been presented at various fora including in-house seminars at the CSAE lunchtime series, external conferences (including the Royal Economic Society Conference), at the World Bank and at country-level seminars and events organised in India and Pakistan. CSAE researchers also presented joint work on India and Pakistan (through the North/South partnership) at special symposia on Educational Outcomes and Poverty at the UKFIET 2009 conference ‘Politics, Policies and Progress’. 


At Oxford:

Professor John Knight
Dr. Francis Teal
Dr. Monazza Aslam
Dr. Justin Sandefur
Dr. Courtney Monk

At Institute of Education, London:

Professor Geeta Kingdon
Dr. Paul Atherton

RECOUP Publications

RECOUP at Cambridge University hosts the RECOUP Working Papers in their Resources section.


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