fieldwork in cape verde (west africa)

I have designed, organized (including the recruitment and training of a local team of 9 collaborators), and conducted a Household Survey on the Quality of Public Services (Corruption) and Migration Experiences, including 1072 interviews in 30 of the 561 census areas of Cape Verde (CV). A parallel field experiment, including 997 subjects, was also carried out on the demand for political accountability in CV.


This survey was aimed at measuring three different sets of variables:

  1. Changes in perceived corruption (mainly focused on influence) in the public services of the country (in health care, schooling, scholarships, justice, police, customs, licenses; and in the allocation of state jobs, subsidies, supplier positions). This part of the intervention was directed at gathering data for an EXTERNAL CONTROL GROUP, for comparison with the data from the survey conducted in 2004 in São Tomé and Príncipe (STP), in what the STP OIL DISCOVERY (1997-99) is concerned. We have also asked about the before-after democratization (1988-1990) time periods, just like in STP.

  2. DEMOGRAPHIC characteristics relating to MIGRATION (where the household was defined as anyone living in the house sampled, plus spouse and/or children of the subject of the interview, who was at least 30, in case of migration):


This page is intended to provide an introduction to my work in CV and to the country itself (to know more about the country, click here).


Fieldwork (December, 2005 - March, 2006):

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