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Senior Research Officer (CESS)
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Sonja Vogt is a Research Fellow at Nuffield College and Senior Research Officer at Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS).

Sonja undertakes both basic and applied research related to how social and institutional settings influence human behavior. Her research is based on laboratory and field experiments, and she has conducted studies with young children, immigrants, small-scale farmers, and university students on four different continents. Currently, she is working on large-scale field studies that examine socially harmful behaviors in Sudan, Armenia, and Brazil.

A list of Sonja’s publications may be found at her personal website. Some of her selected recent publications are shown below: 

Vogt, S., Efferson, C., and Fehr, E. (2017). Comparing attitudes regarding female genital cutting among Sudanese in Switzerland and Sudanese in Sudan. Social Science & Medicine: Population Health (3): 283-293.

Vogt, S., Zaid, N.A.M., Ahmed, H.E.F., Fehr, E., and Efferson, C. (2016). Changing cultural attitudes on female genital cutting. Nature, 12 October 2016. 

Efferson, C., Vogt, S., Elhadi, A., Ahmed, H.E.F., and Fehr, E. (2015). Female genital cutting is not a social coordination norm. Science , 349: 1446-1447.