Geetika  Nagpal

Geetika Nagpal Researchers

Research Assistant in Development Economics (BSG)

Geetika Nagpal is a Research Assistant in Development Economics at at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Centre for Studies of African Economies.

Geetika has a BA(Hons) in Economics from the University of Delhi and an MSc in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford. At Oxford, her thesis focussed on the impact of rural electrification on educational outcomes in India. Her research interests include rural infrastructure and development, and urbanisation. She has also worked as a research intern at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) where she was responsible for the preparation of policy briefs on the Smart Cities Scheme and the industrial policy of the Government of India.

At the Blavatnik School, Geetika supports Randomised Control Trials that seek to enhance the economic opportunities of the poor in low-income countries by easing financial, psychological and psychosocial constraints that prevent people from achieving their potential.