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  • REP/2015-01: full text, pdf (474kB)
    Augustin Kwasi Fosu, Institutions and African Economic Development: A Concise Review, July 2015

  • REP/2008-01: full text, pdf (474kB)
    Emmanuel Opoku, Richman Dzene, Stefano Caria, Francis Teal and Andrew Zeitlin. Improving productivity through group lending: Report on the Impact Evaluation of the Cocoa Abrabopa Initiative.

  • REP/2006-01: full text, pdf (768kB)
    Adeel Malik, Francis Teal and Simon Baptist. The Performance of Nigerian Manufacturing Firms: Report on the Nigerian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2004

  • REP/2003-01: full text, pdf (465kB)
    Abigail Barr, Marcel Fafchamps, and Trudy Owens, Non-governmental organizations in Uganda - A report to the Government of Uganda.

  • REP/2002-05: full text, pdf (482kB)
    Neil Rankin, Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal. The Ghanaian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2000.

  • REP/2002-04: full text, pdf (380kB)
    Alan Harding, Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal. The Tanzanian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2002.

  • The Tanzanian Household Budget Survey (CSAE contact: Trudy Owens) conducted in 2000/01 by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), was the largest-ever household budget survey in Tanzania and one of the largest in Africa. It covered more than 22,000 households across all 20 regions of the Tanzanian Mainland. Information was collected for both urban and rural areas.

  • REP/2002-03: full text, pdf (327kB)
    Alan Harding, Godius Kahyarara and Neil Rankin. Firm Growth, Productivity and Earnings in Tanzanian Manufacturing 1992-1999.

  • REP/2002-02: full text, pdf (559kB)
    Carolyn Jenkins and Lynne Thomas. Foreign Direct Investment in Southern Africa: Determinants, Characteristics and Implications for Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation.

  • REP/2002-01: full text, pdf (967KB)
    Måns Söderbom and Francis Teal. The Performance of Nigerian Manufacturing Firms: Report on the Nigerian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2001

  • REP/2001-06: full text, pdf (694KB)
    Marcel Fafchamps, Francis Teal, and John Toye. Towards a Growth Strategy for Africa

  • REP/2001-05: full text, pdf (113KB)
    John Muellbauer and Janine Aron. New Monetary Policy Challenges for Sustainable Growth in South Africa

  • REP/2001-04: full text, pdf (467KB)
    Marcel Fafchamps and Eleni Gabre-Madhin. Agricultural Markets in Benin and Malawi: Operation and Performance of Traders

  • REP/2001-03: full text, pdf (614KB)
    Måns Söderbom. Constraints and Opportunities in Kenyan Manufacturing: Report on the Kenyan Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2000

  • REP/2001-02: full text, pdf (829KB)
    Charles Harvey, Carolyn Jenkins, and Lynne Thomas, with Pelotshweu Moepeng and Montle Peloentle. The Prerequisites for Progress Towards a Single Currency in the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa - Medium to Long-term Perspective Study.

  • REP/2001-01: contents | full report, pdf (140KB)
    Stefan Dercon and Pramila Krishnan. Poverty and survival strategies in Ethiopia during economic reform.



  • REP/93-1: Contents and Summary | full text, pdf (5MB)
    A Baah-Nuakoh, F Teal. Economic reform and the manufacturing sector in Ghana, Report on Africa Regional Program on Enterprise Development, The World Bank, 1993

  • REP/91-1: full text, pdf (1.85MB)
    S. Appleton, D.L. Bevan, K. Burger, P. Collier, J.W. Gunning, L. Haddad, J. Hoddinott. Public Services and Household Allocation in Africa: How Much Does Gender Matter? Final Report to Women in Development Division, World Bank, Washington D.C., 1991.


    • Chapter 1:  Does Gender Matter in Africa?
    • Part I:         Public Services
    • Chapter 2:  Education
    • Chapter 3:  Health
    • Chapter 4:  Water Supply, Extension and Credit
    • Part II:        Income and Expenditure
    • Chapter 5:  Women and the Labour Market
    • Chapter 6:  Gender Issues in African Agriculture
    • Chapter 7:Gender Aspects of Household Expenditures and Resource Allocation in the Cote d'Ivoire
    • References