Dr Adeel Malik

Research Associate, CSAE; Lecturer in Development Economics, QEH; Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies


A 1999 Rhodes Scholar from Pakistan, Adeel Malik obtained his D.Phil in economics from Oxford University in June 2004. As part of his doctoral research, Dr Malik looked at the issues of growth, volatility and investment in the context of developing countries. Before joining CSAE, Dr Malik has held several policy and research appointments. His previous research affiliations include: Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre (Senior Policy Analyst, 1997-1999), Center for International Development at Harvard University (Visiting Research Fellow, Summer 2001), The World Bank (Research Assistant, Summer 2000), and Said Business School, Oxford University (Research Assistant, 2003-04). He has also been a Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics at Merton College, Oxford (2002-03). Dr Malik’s main research interest lies in the areas of development macroeconomics and applied micro-econometric analysis of firm investment behaviour.


  • Core author of the 1999 Report on Human Development in South Asia: The Crisis of Governance, Karachi: Oxford University Press.
  • ‘Asian Drama Revisited’ (with Paul Streeten) in K Haq (ed.) 2002, The South Asian Challenge, Karachi: Oxford University Press.
  • ‘Output volatility in Latin America: Economic resilience and the role of institutions’ 2002 CAF Working Paper, Center for International Development, Harvard University.
  • ‘ The empirical frontiers of governance’ and ‘Democracy and development: A review of statistical evidence’. Background papers for 2002 Human Development Report: Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World, New York: Oxford University Press.
  • ‘Poverty and the social sectors: the World Bank in Pakistan’ (with Nancy Birdsall and Milan Vaishnav), 2004, Report for the Operations Evaluations Department of the World Bank.
  • ‘Geography, institutions and output volatility’ (with Jonathan Temple), 2004, forthcoming as a Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) Working Paper.