Data Documentation: Linking 1989 IFPRI with 1994 ERHS

The files described here are available for downloading as a Zip archive, (1KB)

The files in the 1989 survey all contain the variable HHID89, which identifies the household. This variable is also the key to link with 1994a ERHS data, which included the variable q2, which is the household number in the survey in 89. Note that only a small subset of households in the 1994a ERHS data were interviewed in 1989.

Because the 1989 survey used other price information, conversion codes and other principles for the data cleaning that could not be replicated in 1994, most of the variables are not directly comparable between 1989 and 1994a. To solve this problem, a series of variables were recalculated using the initial 1989 raw data and questionnaire. This information is available in the two SPSS files: the file cons89.sav contains aggregate information on consumption data in 89; the file demo89.sav contains aggregate information on household characteristics. Note that linking information from 1989 to 1994a may lead to spurious or unreliable results for the reasons mentioned above.