1989 Questionnaire (IFPRI)

The questionnaire can be downloaded as quest89.pdf. As this file is more than 1MB in size, a link has been added to provide access to the text in several parts of less than 1MB: question89 by section.
PDF files may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free downloading from Adobe's web-site.

The original questionnaire for the 1989 household survey existed in different forms for the different survey sites. The questionnaire available below is a compilation of the common parts of the site-specific questionnaire. It contains 7 parts:

A. Household demographics
G. Household drought experience
B. Household Assets
I . Ox Seed Project
C . Production an Inputs
D. Non-farm income
E. Mother's questionnaire

The questionnaire should be seen as a reference to how the question was phrased, and not as a guide to how the data is organised. When you read the data in SPSS, all variables have the question to which they refer attached as label. Linking the variables to the questions is straightforward.

Note that some parts of the questionnaire come from an older version. If there is a conflict between the question in the questionnaire and the one attached to the variable in the data file (e.g. between dates as in 'pre-74'), consider the latter as the correct one.