ERHS Data Documentation (1994-1995)

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In 1994, the Centre for the Study of African Economies and the Economics Department of Addis Ababa University started a panel survey incorporating the villages surveyed earlier by IFPRI, who assisted. Six of the seven villages earlier surveyed were complemented with nine additional villages allowing for a total of 15 village studies, covering 1477 households. The nine additional communities were selected to account for the diversity in the farming systems in the country. Within each village, random sampling was used.

The selected households were interviewed thrice: in the first part of 1994, again later in the same year and in the first part of 1995. For 1994, the data collection was a complicated process and the data was put in per survey site. The data is available in this original form as raw data files. You are advised NOT to use this version – there are substantial errors in key codes, including identifiers. A further and more user friendly version of the data, available in base data files, is a cleaned and merged version of the original data per section of the questionnaire. The first three rounds (1994a, 1994b and 1995) are now available. Further rounds will be added in due course.

A detailed description of the sampling method and the reorganised data is available for downloading as datadoc94a.pdf (PDF file, 47KB).

More advice and explanation on the rules followed for cleaning the data is available in the notes for each questionnaire contained in the three files: 94a-notes.pdf, 94b-notes.pdf, and 95-notes.pdf.

You can also download the questionnaires themselves: 1994a, 1994b, and 1995. The questionnaires have straight forward structure. When printed on A4, blank pages should be added where appropriate and the questionnaire should be copied recto verso. This enables a straightforward interpretation of the codes used.