ERHS Base data files (1994-1995)

The base data files are available as Zip archives: (775KB) (kB) (kB)

These files are more user friendly reorganised data, following the structure of the questionnaire. (The original data was put in per survey site, and can be downloaded from raw data files.)

The files are in SPSS-format (extension .sav) and contain a data dictionary. If you have SPSS, it is easy to know the content of the files. To find out which variables each file contains, 1) start SPSS, 2) choose 'file' from the main menu, 3) from the drop down menu, choose 'Display Data info', 4) in the interactive window choose the filename and file type, and choose 'Open'. A list of the variables and the questions they refer to appears in the output window.

To translate the files into a different format is very straightforward using a transfer programme like Stat/Transfer or DBMS-copy.

More detailed information on the files and their content can be found in Data Documentation. The exact phrasing of the questions can be found using The Questionnaires.