Conferences & Workshops

Welcome to the CSAE's conference & workshop web pages. Since its inception, the Centre has held regular conferences aimed at policy makers, academics and institutions of civil society. This is where to find information about future and past conferences & workshops.

Date Title Location
18-20 March 2018 Economic Development in Africa, 2018 Oxford, UK

7 June 2017

The Future of Social Assistance in Africa and beyond Oxford, UK
19-21 March 2017 Economic Development in Africa, 2017 Oxford, UK
10 March 2017 SE England Working Group on African Political Economy Oxford, UK
10–12 October 2016 CEAR-CSAE Workshop: Eliciting Subjective Beliefs and Risk and Time Preferences in Developing Countries Atlanta, USA
29-30 September 2016 Oxford Development Economics Workshop Oxford, UK
13-14 June 2016 ABCA 2016: 'Managing the Challenges and Opportunities of Urbanization in Africa' Oxford, UK
20-22 March 2016 Economic Development in Africa, 2016 Oxford, UK
18-19 March 2016 NOPOOR - States, Political Systems, and Poverty Oxford, UK
1-3 October 2015 Eliciting Subjective Beliefs and Risk and Time Preferences in Developing Countries Oxford, UK
March 2015 Economic Development in Africa, 2015 Oxford, UK

March 2015

Violence Against Children in Low and Middle Income Countries: An Interdisciplinary Approach Oxford, UK
October 2014 Oxford Development Economics Workshop Oxford, UK
March 2014 Economic Development in Africa, 2014 Oxford, UK
March 2013 Economic Development in Africa, 2013 Oxford, UK
March 2012 Research on Urban Mass Housing Oxford, UK
March 2012 Economic Development in Africa, 2012 Oxford, UK
March 2011 Economic Development in Africa, 2011 Oxford, UK
March 2010 Economic Development in Africa, 2010 Oxford, UK
Sept 2009 Does education really help people get jobs? Oxford, UK
March 2009 Economic Development in Africa, 2009 Oxford, UK
March 2008 Economic Development in Africa, 2008 Oxford, UK
March 2007 Economic Development in Africa, 2007 Oxford, UK
March 2007 Livelihoods and well-being in developing countries: Multidisciplinary approaches Oxford, UK
March 2006 Reducing Poverty and Inequality: How can Africa be included? Oxford, UK
March 2006 Equity, opportunity and identity Oxford, UK
June 2004 the Bottom Billion Oxford, UK
March 2004 Growth, poverty reduction and human development in Africa Oxford, UK
April 2003  Staying Poor: Chronic Poverty and Development Policy. (organised by CPRC at IDPM). Manchester, UK
September 2002 Spatial Inequality in Africa (WIDER) Oxford, UK
March 2002 Understanding Poverty and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
(Sponsored by the Department for International Development, The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and The World Bank)
Oxford, UK
September 2001 New Industrial Realities and Firm Behaviour in Africa Oxford, UK
April 2001 Development policy in Africa: Public and private perspectives Oxford, UK
April 2000 Opportunities in Africa: Micro-evidence on firms and households Oxford, UK
April 1999 Conference on Poverty in Africa - A Dialogue on Causes and Solutions Oxford, UK
April 1998 Investing in Africa - Does it Really Mean Business? Oxford, UK
April 1997 Investment, Growth and Risk in Africa

Oxford, UK