Plenary Sessions:

The Plenary Sessions will be broadcast live on the internet. These recordings will also be available to view after the event.

Plenary 1: 'Education for Inclusive Growth in Africa'

  • Moussa Blimpo, University of Oklahoma
  • David Johnson, African Studies Centre, Oxford
  • Francis Teal, University of Oxford
  • Chair: Simon Quinn, University of Oxford

Plenary 2: Keynote Speech 'Conflict, climate and economic development in Africa'

After Dinner Speech: 'The End of Poverty'

  • Marcelo Giugale, Director of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction Programmes for Africa, World Bank

Plenary 3: 'The Millennium Development Goals – Beyond 2015'

  • James Foster, Institute for International Economic Policy, Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Paul Glewwe, University of Minnesota
  • Charles Kenny, Center for Global Development
  • Chair: Paul Collier, University of Oxford