Guidelines for chairs, presenters and discussants

Keep time: each session runs for around 1 hour 50 minutes. If your session consists of 4 papers, then you will have about 15 minutes presentation per paper, 4 minutes for each discussant in total and 10 minutes discussion per paper.

Sometimes, due to presenters dropping out, your session will have fewer than 4 papers in it. In this case, please do not take more time for the presentation or for the discussant's comments, so as to allow attendees to move to other sessions at the end of the last paper.

Please follow as much as possible the order on the programme, as participants may like to move between sessions to listen to papers of their interest.

In exceptional circumstances you may be chairing a session with five papers, if so then please move presentations along faster.

Guidelines for discussants:

Please do not summarise the paper. Pick up two or maximum three points in order to start the discussion and please keep to your allotted time, which will only be four minutes.

Guidelines for chairs:

Please keep time during the session, keep the order of the presentation as printed, ensure the discussants are brief and to the point, and organize the discussion.

There will be two cards available in each session, one yellow for a 5 minute warning, one red for a 2 minute warning. Please use them! We hope it will assist in time-keeping.