Programme - 'Economic Development in Africa'

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Sunday 20 March
  St Catherine's College Dining Hall St Catherine's College Lodge Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre Bernard Sunley A Bernard Sunley C Bernard Sunley D Arumugam First Floor Arumugam Second Floor Junior Common Room Lecture Theatre Mary Sunley Lecture Theatre Mary Sunley Seminar Room Manor Road Seminar A Manor Road Seminar C Manor Road Seminar G
11:00   Registration                        
14:30     Panel Session: 'Research, African Economic Policy and the Role of Private Business' - Mthuli Ncube, John Page, Paul Collier                      
16:00     Tea (in foyer)           Tea (in foyer)          
16:30     Agriculture & Development Agriculture Micro Agriculture Macro Poverty Micro   Exports Micro Conflict Micro HIV/AIDS        
19:00 Dinner                          
Monday  21  March
08:00   Registration                        
09:30     Keynote: 'Education as Liberation?' Michael Kremer, Harvard                      
10:30     Coffee (in foyer)           Coffee (in foyer)          
11:00     Poverty Analysis Agriculture Technology Agriculture Markets     Community Entrepreneurship & Firms Political Economy Trade 1 Firm Networks Human Development 1 Conflict & Violence
13:00 Lunch                          
14:00     Climate Change & Natural Disasters Agriculture Land Infrastructure Skills Acquisition Fiscal Policy Migration Aid Macro 1 Corruption Trade 2 Market competition & integration Human Development 2 Firm Investment, Governance & Corruption
16:00     Tea (in foyer)           Tea (in foyer)          
16:30     Microfinance Agriculture Adoption 1 Health Micro School Choice Exchange Rate Pass-Through Labour Growth 1 Methods & Games Poverty Macro Land   Inheritance, Widowhood & Divorce
19:00 Dinner and Speech: Paul Collier, CSAE                          
Tuesday  22  March
08:30     Agriculture Productivity Agriculture Adoption 2 Migration, Insurance & Mobile Phones Microfinance Determinants Globalisation & Macro Policy Poverty Dynamics Aid Macro 2 Education Conflict Macro   Inequality & Poverty Insurance
10:30     Coffee (in foyer)           Coffee (in foyer)          
11:00     Agriculture Risk Agriculture Livelihoods Firm Technology & Productivity Education & Labour Monetary Policy Social Networks 2 Growth 2 Childhood Health Political Economy & Institutions   Labour & Employment Terrorism, FDI & Capital Flight
13:00 Lunch                          
14:00       Labour Income Inheritance & Family Law Education Outcomes Fertility, Pregnancy & Reproductive Health Microenterprises & Informal Sector Growth 3 Conflict Impacts Resources   Social Networks 1 Institutions & Investment
16:00     Tea (in foyer)           Tea (in foyer)          
16:15     Panel Session: 'Methodology Update: Randomized Controlled Trials or Structural Models (or both... or neither...)?' - Marcel Fafchamps, Glenn Harrison, David McKenzie, Leonard Wantchekon                      
18:00     Panel Session: 'Evaluating aid in Africa: The Millennium Villages project' - Gabriel Demombynes, John McArthur, Chair: Leonard Wantchekon                      

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