List of received papers

The following papers are listed alphabetically by author (for a listing by subject session, please click here). Their papers may be freely downloaded. The PDF viewer is available for free from Adobe's web site.

Adelegan, Olatundun: abstract | pdf 374KB
Impact of growth prospect, leverage and firm size on divident behaviour of corporate firms in Nigeria

Ambec, Stefan: abstract | pdf 280KB
Income-sharing within extended families as a social norm

Attanasio, Orazio and Jose-Victor Rios-Rull: abstract | pdf, 328KB
Consumption smoothing in island economies: can public insurance reduce welfare?

Auriol, Emmanuelle: abstract | pdf, 1474KB
Quality signalling through certification with an application to seed certification

Azam, Jean-Paul: abstract | pdf, 536KB
Export performance of manufacturing firms in Cote d'Ivoire

Barr, Abigail: abstract | pdf, 473KB
Familiarity and trust: an experimental investigation

Bhalotra, Sonia: pdf, 143KB
Is child work necessary?

Bhalotra, Sonia: abstract | pdf, 133KB
Determinants of child farm labour in Ghana and Pakistan: a comparative study

Bigsten, Arne: abstract | pdf, 486KB
Are formal and informal small firms really different? Evidence from Kenyan manufacturing

Bruck, Tilman: abstract | link to pdf
Post-war coping strategies of subsistence households in Mozambique

Christiaensen, Luc: abstract | pdf, 481KB
On measuring household vulnerability: case evidence from Northern Mali

Cockburn, John: abstract | pdf, 516KB
Child labour in rural Ethiopia: income constraints of income opportunities

Datt, Gaurav and Jennifer Olmsted: pdf, 356KB
Induced wage effects of changes in food prices in Egypt

Dercon, Stefan: abstract | pdf, 382KB
Credit constraints in manufacturing enterprises in Africa

Duret, Elsa: abstract | pdf, 455KB
Local taxation versus central taxation: micro-evidence from African decentralised government

Fafchamps, Marcel: abstract | pdf, 115KB
Contract flexibility and dispute resolution in African manufacturing

Fisman, Ray: abstract | pdf, 386KB
Decomposing the ethnic effect networks versus human capital in credit access

Gauthier, Bernard: abstract | pdf, 400KB
Exports and firm-level efficiency in the African manufacturing sector

Gersovitz, Mark: abstract | pdf, 178KB
The African HIV epidemic as seen through the demographic and health surveys

Goldstein, Markus: abstract | link to pdf
Chop time, no friends: intrahousehold and individual insurance mechanisms in Southern Ghana

Grootaert, Christiaan: abstract | pdf, 627KB
Social capital and development outcomes in Burkina Faso

Gubert, Flore: abstract | pdf, 291KB
Migration, remittances and moral hazard: evidence from the Kayes area (Western Mali)

Isham, Jonathan: abstract | pdf, 396KB
The Effect of Social Capital on Technology Adoption: Evidence from Rural Tanzania

Kalulumia, Pene: abstract | pdf, 419KB
Labour adjustment costs, macroeconomic shocks and real business cycles in a  small open economy

Kaluwa, Ben: abstract | pdf, 498KB
Pro-poor budgeting in the social sectors, efficiency or uninformed patronage? some answers from Malawi

Kamara, Abdul: abstract | pdf, 353KB
The effect of environmental variability on livestock and land-use managementin the Broana platteau, Southern Ethiopia

Kebede, Bereket: abstract | pdf, 350KB
Patterns of intrahousehold expenditures in rural Ethiopia

Kedir, Abbi Mamo: abstract | pdf, 296KB
Correcting for quality effects and measurement error in unit values: application on Ethiopian data

Kingdon, Geeta: abstract | pdf, 254KB
Are searching and non-searching unemployment distinct states: the case of South Africa

Kimhi, Ayal: abstract | pdf, 1286KB
Intrahousehold allocation of food in Southern Ethiopia

Krishnan, Pramila: abstract | pdf, 242KB
Public sector pay and private sector wage premiums: testing alternative models of wage determination

La Ferrara, Eliana: abstract | link to pdf
Inequality and participation: theory and evidence from rural Tanzania

Leonard, Kenneth: abstract | link to pdf
Health centre bypassing in Tanzania: revealed preferences for organisational form

May, Julian: abstract | pdf, 268KB
A dynamic analysis of household livelihoods and asset accumulation in post-apartheid South Africa

Maluccio, John: abstract | pdf, 222KB
Social capital and household welfare in South Africa pathways of influence

McMillan,  Margaret: abstract | pdf, 211KB
Do domestic firms' credit requirements differ from foreign owned firms?

Mengistae, Taye: abstract | pdf, 1034KB
Skill formation and job matching efefcts in wage growth: the case of manufacturing workers in Ethiopia

Mesnard, Alice: abstract | pdf, 290KB
Temporary migration and capital market imperfections

Minot, Nicolas: abstract | pdf, 296KB
Fertilizer market liberalization in Benine and Malawi: a household-level view

Mulenga Bwaly, Samuel B.: abstract | pdf, 619KB
The demand for woodfuel and substitution possibilities in urban Zambia

Naude, Willem: abstract | pdf, 359KB
Manufacturing, investment and exports in South Africa: first results from a firm-level survey

Nnadozie, Emmanuel: abstract | pdf, 478KB
US direct investment in Africa

Oduro, Abena and Abigail Barr: abstract | pdf 724KB
Ethnicity and wage determination in Ghana

Olanrewaju, Olaniyan: abstract | pdf, 544KB
The role of household endowments in determining poverty in Nigeria

Olomola, Ade S.: abstract | pdf, 211KB
Determinants of smallholder loan repayment performance: evidence from teh Nigerian microfinance system

Owens, Trudy: abstract | pdf, 502KB
Investing in development, or investing in relief: quanitifying the poverty tradeoffs using Zimbabwe household panel data

Pattillo, Catherine and Soderbom, Mans: abstract | pdf, 456KB
Managers' risk attitudes and firm performance: micro evidence from manufacturing in Ghana

Platteau, Jean-Philippe: abstract | pdf, 453KB
Poverty, tenure, security and access to land in central Uganda: the role of market and non-market processes

Quisumbing, Agnes: abstract | pdf, 465KB
Intrahousehold allocation and gender relations: new empirical evidence

Rai, Ashok: abstract | pdf, 270KB (this file can only be read with Acrobat Reader 4.0)
Efficient lending in village economies

Rambonilaza, Mbolatiana: abstract | pdf, 348KB
Blood, sweat and tears: how much is unobservable effort worth?

Reinikka, Ritva: abstract | link to pdf
How inadequate provision of public infrastructure and services affects private investment

Serra, Renata: abstract | pdf, 213KB
Child fostering in rural Zimbabwe investment in human capital and social relations or a response to negative shocks?

Simler, Kenneth: abstract | pdf, 408KB
Determinants of poverty in Mozambique: econometric estimates and policy simulations

Stifel, David: abstract | link to pdf
Inter-temporal changes in welfare: preliminary results from 10 African countries

Svensson, Jacob: abstract | pdf, 254KB
Who must pay bribes, and how much?

Teal, Francis: abstract | pdf, 477KB
Employment and unemployment in Africa

Tybout, Jim: abstract | pdf, 658KB
A firm's eye view of commercial policy and fiscal reforms in Cameroon

Udry, Chris: pdf, 110KB
Key note address

Verner, Dorte: abstract | pdf, 250KB
Wage productivity gaps: evidence from Ghana

Weir, Sharada: abstract | pdf, 265KB
Education externalities in rural Ethiopia evidence on the adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations

Weir, Sharada: pdf, 306KB
Adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations in Ethiopia: the role of education

Woolcock, Michael: abstract | pdf, 470KB
Social capital and development

Zeufack, Albert: abstract | pdf, 368KB
Why are Thai firms more productive than Kenyan firms?