The Plundered Planet

By Paul Collier

Published by Allen Lane (UK) as 'The Plundered Planet: How to Reconcile Prosperity With Nature', and OUP (USA) as 'The Plundered Planet: Why We Must--And How We Can--Manage Nature for Global Prosperity'

UK Book cover of The Bottom Billion
UK Book cover of The Bottom Billion
  • Online interview with University of Oxford Press Office

  • "In this path-breaking book, Paul Collier develops one of the most fascinating subjects he touched on in The Bottom Billion-- the resource curse. It will be of great interest to all those who are concerned about the future of our civilization."--George Soros
  • "Paul Collier has written with great insight about the prospects of the bottom billion. In The Plundered Planet, he addresses himself to the complex opportunities, challenges and risks in managing the planet's natural resources. The bottom billion have a huge stake and an important role in the outcomes. Collier helps us see these issues through their eyes."--Michael Spence, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics
  • "Read this book."--Sir Nicholas Stern, author of The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change