The Economics of School Quality Investments in Developing Countries: an Empirical Study of Ghana

by Paul Glewwe

Published Macmillan Press, July 1999, 392pp, Hardback £60.00. ISBN: 0-333-76393-1.

Part I: Analysis investments in education

Chapter 1 Measuring the returns to investments in education: Overview and critique 1. The basic issues
2. The human capital model and rates of return to education
3. The need for an alternative model
Chapter 2 A new method to analyse investments in education 1. The expanded human capital model
2. Using cost-benefit analysis to choose among different school quality investments
3. Evaluating school quality investments using the expanded human capital model
4. Some complicating factors with the method
5. Data requirements
6. Summary


Part II: The impact of investments in school quality on cognitive skills

Chapter 3 A method for estimating the determinance of schooling outcomes 1. Introduction
2. A critique of past empirical work
3. A model of schooling attainment and the accumulation of human capital
4. Empirical implementation
5. Conclusion
Appendix 1. A dynamic model of school attainment
Appendix 2: Selectivity correction terms
Chapter 4 The impact of investments in school quality on cognitive skills 1. Introduction
2. Education in Ghana and the GLSS data
3. Applying the estimation procedure of the GLSS data
4. Estimation results for middle schools in Ghana
5. Conclusion
Appendix 1: Description of the tests used
Appendix 2: Additional estimation results


Part III: Cognitive skills, incomes and rates of return to school quality investments

Chapter 5 The impact of cognitive skills on wages 1. Introduction
2. Data and estimation strategy
3. Empirical results of the determinants of wages in Ghana
4. Estimates of returns to improvements in school quality
5. Conclusions
Appendix 1: Additional estimation results
Chapter 6 The impact of schooling and cognitive skills on income from non-farm self-employment
by Wim P.M. Vijverberg
1. Introduction
2. Income from household non-farm enterprises and the role of education
3. Methodology
4. The data
5. Estimates
6. Concluding remarks
Appendix 1: Additional estimation results using alternative specifications of enterprise income
Chapter 7 The impact of cognitive skills on income from farming
by Dean Jolliffe
1. Introduction
2. Descriptive statistics
3. Estimation strategy
4. Results
5. Conclusions
Appendix 1: Additional estimation results


Part IV: Cognitive skills and non-economic activities

Chapter 8 Child health and mother's education in Ghana
by Paul Glewwe and Jaikishan Desai
1. Introduction
2. How does mother's education affect child health?
3. Data and estimation procedure
4. Empirical results
5. Impact of school quality improvements on child health
6. Conclusion
Appendix 1: Regressions that control for sample selectivity
Chapter 9 Fertility and women's schooling in Ghana
by Raylynn Oliver
1. Introduction
2. Women's education and fertility
3. Data and estimation
4. Empirical results
5. Conclusion
Appendix 1: First stage regression results


Part V: Findings and recommendations

Chapter 10 Summary of findings and recommendations for future research 1. Summary of findings
2. Recommendations for future research