African Economies in Transition - Volume II: The Reform Experience

edited by Jo Ann Paulson

(Volume I: The Changing Role of the State)

Published Macmillan Press, May 1999, 384pp, Hardback £60.00. ISBN: 0-333-71237-4.

Introduction to Volume II by Jo Ann Paulson

Part I: Country studies

Chapter 1 The transition and the political economy of African socialist countries at war (Angola and Mozambique)
by Luiz A. Pereira and Andres Solimano
Chapter 2 Bureaucracy, socialism and adjustment: Congo and Madagascar
by Daniel Tommasi
Chapter 3 Saving and investment in the Tanzanian economic reform
by Michael Gavin
Chapter 4 Structural adjustment and the manufacturing industry in Mozambique
by Roberto Tibana

Part II: Agriculture

Chapter 5 Agriculture and economic reform in African socialist economies
by Stephen Jones
Chapter 6 Microeconomically coherent African agricultural policy reform in Africa
Christopher B. Barrett and Michael R. Carter